HM3: Prize items

With thanks to the two gentlemen in question for their patience at the long delay between their wins and their prizes, I am happy to announce the release of two new items for HeroMachine 3.

First, we have Imp's reward for winning the semifinal round of Friday Night Fights, a "steampunk shield", available in ItemRight-Shields:

Next, we have a pair of Motocross-style pants by way of TheNate for winning Character Contest 26, available in Legwear-MaleStandard:

I've got several other prize items out for approval from the winners, and am working on more. After that, it's back to Fantasy Armor for a few more entries.

9 Responses to HM3: Prize items

  1. Nice 🙂

    Both items are cool and add more variety to HM3.

  2. Looks damn cool; thanks, Jeff.

  3. Avatar MartianBlue

    That shield could have all kinds of possabilities. Arrow heads, underwear, chest plate, and best of all a sheild.

  4. Avatar MeMyself&I

    Hey MartianBlue, cool thought regarding the arrow head. In fact, I think I would like it more as an arrow head than even a shield.

  5. You’d not be able to see any of the stuff on the inside as an arrowhead, though, would you?

  6. Maybe if you only made the arrow, so you could leave it close to full size?

  7. Here’s it as both types of arrows from the “ranged” section, and as a bolt (also from “ranged”):

    I scaled the shields for the arrows down to 50×60, and the one for the bolt to 25×35. The arrows and bolt are all scaled up to 180×200. I tried scaling the shield down to the arrows’ size, but you can’t see any of the detail, so I just scaled everything else up instead…

  8. Jeff, it’s best not to make challenges like that ;^).

    Seriously, though, I can imagine them in something like an equipment journals or book focusing on the technology. I can can word boxes and pretty shading, and I think I better get away from the computer before I’m in over my head. Bye for now!

  9. i just love the shield . and want to see more steampunk please