Paladin fail

Even as a kid, I remember getting this issue of "Daredevil" and thinking, "That's one of the worst costumes I've ever seen":

Years later, the judgment stands. I have a long-standing anti-purple prejudice when it comes to super-hero costumes (Hulk's pants excluded), and I think this guy is the reason why. Seriously, who's intimidated by a dude running around in a purple Micheline Man outfit? Not me. Frankly, anyone who feels the need to put padded foam on his head, as if in expectation of ramming it into things, better either be a Bulletman sidekick or just escaped from the Loony Bin. Wait, I think we have an answer:

Escapee it is. If he were a Bulletman sidekick, he'd at least hit whatever he was flinging his head at.