SOD.111 – Ant Man

9 Responses to SOD.111 – Ant Man

  1. Nice!!!! I really like this pic and that would be a cracking helmet to add to HM3!

    On a side note, the missus is away this weekend, so I have the place to myself for a massive 3 days . . . . How’s the Fantasy Armour updates going???? haha . . . . No pressure . . . . haha!!


  2. The wings should be a definite addition to HM3. And the boots. Sweet! Oh, and the shoulder pads. How about some ants added to companions? And the belt. That should definitely be included in HM3. Definitely.

  3. That is fantastic man. I love it.

  4. Egad…you’ve actually made Ant-Man look cool. I really didn’t think that was possible.

  5. I agree with Scorpidius for the helmet.
    A collection of helmets inspired by animals would be a great stuff. And the Antman one is a choice piece of the bunch.

  6. Avatar Me Myself & I

    Speeking of helmets based on animal motifs, I’ve always thought these helmets were pretty cool. ElfQuest – 18_page=1#_29#

  7. Thanks guys, glad you like it.

    We’re pretty well set in the “headgear” department though, I don’t see adding any more of those any time soon.

  8. Very nice drawing! That helmet rocks!(would be a great addition to HM3).

  9. Your Ant Man is great!