SOD.079 – Ahem


13 Responses to SOD.079 – Ahem

  1. I think I just found a new background for my phone. 😛

  2. I think The Bat looks miffed by the Penguin in this one!

  3. Avatar Demented The Clown

    “Is That Your Bat-a-Rang Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?” – Penguin

  4. A little confused by the placement of the umbrella. It leaves my imagination to wonder how Penguin is holding it though. Maybe the handle is jabbing at Batman.

  5. It’s behind his back, being held in his left hand. I figured he had it grasped about a third of the way up from the handle, where it would tie down.

  6. …Oh! Batman! Hi! I’m not doing anything illegal…really!

  7. Oswald never looked so good…

  8. I’m legless, hovering Batman.

  9. Legless, hovering Batman could STILL kick your ass, Danny …

  10. @Jeff: Well, if you put it THAT way…

  11. Meaning “your” in the general sense, not as in you specifically. Well, yes, you specifically too, I mean as well as me. Batman is completely nondiscriminatory when it comes to ass-kicking, even with no legs.

  12. @the good Mr. Hebert: Bat-Mite could kick my ass AND steal my lunch money. How sad is that?