Olympian Games: Tug of War

This one is fun! The idea is that some group of extra-dimensional omnipotent beings has pulled characters from across all the various publishing universes to compete in team-on-team tug of war contests. Here are the teams (Marvel and DC get multiple teams because, come on, Marvel and DC):

I don't want to prejudice the vote, but you have to think the only thing Batman is contributing to DC Team One is some Bat Lubricant for the rope, because he's got no business hanging out with those heavy hitters. As for their Team Two, the biggest question is who disintegrates whom before the starting gun sounds for the first match.

Anyway, have fun, and by all means let 'er rip in the comments about which group you think has the edge, and which is going to get turned into paste by the opposition.

8 Responses to Olympian Games: Tug of War

  1. Avatar TopHat says:

    Marvel team 2.

    I mean, come on. Four of those guys have strength in the incalculable level (Juggy, Galactus, Thanny, Sentry) and with Annihlus to sap the powers of the other team/ boost the power of his own team, I say they take this no problem.

  2. Avatar Hakoon1 says:

    Just a note: In the poll it says Target Shooting, not tug of war.

  3. Avatar Matt says:

    For obvious reasons, I chose the team with Galactus.

  4. Avatar gero says:

    I think the team with Blob. His power isn’t being fat, it’s sort of the opposite of Juggernaut’s. Where as Juggernaut can keep moving as long as he’s already going, Blob CAN’T be moved. In one comic, the only way Hulk (that’s right, Hulk) could get him to move was to physically rip a huge chunk of ground that he was standing on, and move that. Plus his team for this has Hercules (super-strengh on a literally godly level) and Primus (larger than the Earth itself, not sure how they’re fitting him in the arena)…

  5. Avatar Jake says:

    Ugh, Dr. Manhatten could be on a team by himself and he would win that. The only way to possibly beat him is to outsmart him, meaning the one team that could possibly defeat him would be the one with Batman. DC takes this one easily.

  6. Avatar William A. Peterson says:

    Doc Manhattan wouldn’t be all that useful…
    His strength isn’t all that great, and I have to assume that teleporting your opponents elsewhere would get him Disqualified!

  7. Avatar Jake says:

    He could vaporize his foes without flinching. Seriously, Dr. Manhattan is as close to being a god as possible. Even Greek mythological figures aren’t as much of a god as Dr. Manhatten.

  8. Avatar TopHat says:

    Uh. No.

    Manhattan isn’t godly. He just lives in a world where he’s the only being with superpowers, so it’s inhabitants regard him as god. All we’ve seen from him is matter manipulation, teleportation and telekinesis.

    Galactus is leagues above Manhattan. The Big Bad G is a universal force, who has all of Manhattans powers (Times 10000000 is G is fully fed) and a few nasty tricks of his own (Like destroying the universe).