SOD.070 – Batbreak


You KNOW he's got sandwiches in that utility belt somewhere ...

8 Responses to SOD.070 – Batbreak

  1. Dude’s only human. Hell, I’d like to see a shot of Batman’s back as he pees in a urinal.

    Has anyone ever read the comic The Mundane Adventures of Dishman?

  2. Dark Knight’s gotta eat, too!

  3. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    The Batmobile in a drive-thru would be classic!

  4. lol Nice one, Jeff.

  5. I thought he would be carrying around a canteen of Bat-milk and a pouch of Bat-cookies; y’know, for that quick energy boost. They really hit the spot. If you don’t believe me ask Scooby-Doo and Shaggy.

  6. What IS that? Some kind of mini-corndog?

  7. Imp said:

    What IS that? Some kind of mini-corndog?

    Wait for it …

    Wait for it …

    Wait for it …

    “I’m Bat-Ham.”

    Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all night, tip your waitresses!

  8. Jeff that was actually painful…