SOD.063 – The Angry Father


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  1. Nice Odin (Or Wodan). Now is that Huginn or Muninn on his shoulder?

  2. It looks like Anthony Hopkins in his latest role from The Wolfman. Good piece, Jeff!

  3. I do believe that Mr. Hopkins is playing Odin in the upcoming Thor movie. 🙂

  4. Aye, you also would be angry if you had a bird nesting in your ear! SOMEBODY GET ME AN ASPRIN!

  5. By the way, and I am shocked no one asked for this, but the frame in this image is now in the Background-Shapes set in HM3.

  6. I think we’ve figured you out Jeff. If you make something new that you can’t make out of things already available on HM3, you’ll make it available if you can.

  7. It is a bit like Wotan, or like Thorin Oakenshield, perhaps. Though it reminesces to that great series by Susan Cooper, “The Dark is Rising”

  8. @Jeff: ACTUALLY, I WAS going to slip that request in, but I thought my luck wouldn’t hold out and it would be another of those copyrighted things that you couldn’t put in. 😉

  9. I wish I were that organized or consistent, GreenBat 🙂

  10. Avatar Danny Beaty

    @Jeff: The new frame ain’t woikin’.

  11. Oops, sorry about that Danny. Replacement file uploaded, it ought to work now.

  12. Avatar Danny Beaty

    @Jeff: Silly me! I forgot to hit the “Refresh” button. It works now.

  13. Avatar Danny Beaty

    @Jeff: Well, one of us got it to work. When will we see Tops Female Tech?

  14. No no, you were right even if you didn’t realize it — the original version had a problem where it went to the wrong item when clicked, but after your note I fixed it up.

  15. Well, I am giving up on the recode project for now, I got stuck and frustrated and after banging my head on the keyboard for a few days am ready to put it back on the shelf for a while. I also finished the retrofit UGO gave me on the old HM versions, to make them work with a new backend system they installed.

    So, starting tomorrow I’ll go back to Female Hands and then we’ll see, I’m not for sure one what will come after that. Probably something like rifles or musical instruments. I am open to persuasion though.

  16. Avatar Danny Beaty

    @Jeff: I think you should have a Q&A column. Once a week, just let people ask you whatever they want (within reason).

  17. Avatar Danny Beaty

    @Everyone: Special Syfy’s Phantom sucks update: It airs sometime this year.

  18. Oh… rifles. I like the sound of that, pun intended.

  19. rime of the ancient mariner? looks like it.

  20. Nice sketch, nice frame.

    Any plans on adding the reptilian eyes, feathered arms or Trap Jaw’s mouth?

  21. At some point I’ll do a bunch more eyes, yes, including some reptilian ones. I have no plans to add more feathered arms (there is at least one set of wings that go under the arms already) or the Trap Jaw mouth.

    Contest winners, perk up! You may be able to auction off your prize for charity!

  22. Persuasion, eh?

    *waves hand* You will do Fantasy armor next. 😛

  23. Avatar William A. Peterson

    [Enter Smartass mode] How about Rifles that are also Musical Instruments? [/Smartass mode] 😉

  24. If rifles would be next, would Assault and Snipers both fit into that category?

  25. Avatar Me Myself & I

    My vote is for musical instruments.

    SOme more modern formal wear might be nice as well.

  26. jeff this site needs more cowbell

  27. PLEASE DO INSTRUMENTS AFTER HANDS! I am in a creative block and I think I’ll only come out of it when I see guitars on HM3 😀

  28. I like Female Hands. Nothing to do with HM3, I know, but I really like Female Hands.

  29. Lol RJ mcd, this site does need more cowbell 😀

  30. I’ve got a fever … and the only cure …