Olympian Games, Swimming Competition

Hammerknight has put together the final slate of contestants for the Swimming competition in the Olympian Games! Vote for the three characters you think would win a 10 mile freestyle race:

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6 Responses to Olympian Games, Swimming Competition

  1. It’s a close one between Abe from Hellboy and Namor, but you gotta give it to the Sub-Mariner.

  2. How can you go against Superman??

  3. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Simple, GreenBat…
    Supes has never been quite as ‘at home’ in the Water, as anywhere else!

  4. What about Fathom of the Elementals? 🙁

  5. I really don’t read comics much, but I have to give it to Abe Sapien. Aquaman doesn’t stand a chance.

  6. King. of. the. Sea.