More fun with Photoshop brushes in the background. This one uses the spell effects and a blood-spatter one because if there's one thing you know about old man wizards, it's that they're violent.

8 Responses to SOD.054

  1. I am really quite fond of this one. Gandalf eat your heart out!

  2. Impressive. I love it.

  3. Nice one Jeff. But I gotta ask: Is this more of that “copyrighted” magic background???

  4. Yep, Worf, they’re Photoshop stuff.

  5. His hat seems to be floating above his head.

  6. Dan, that’s because it’s actually the HAT that’s that wizard. It just said “Watch me pull a wizard out of my butt!” and POP went the mage. He’s only just now falling out.

  7. Like ORCO!

  8. Jeff, love the backgrounds. Very reminiscent of covers of Sandman and the Elementals. May I suggest one with a splash of color? Say, a Green Lantern theme? =)