RP: Awkward moments in hero-villain beat-downs


(From "America's Greatest Comics" number 7, 1943.)

5 Responses to RP: Awkward moments in hero-villain beat-downs

  1. Frankie says:

    “Fear not, son of mine. I’m merely trying to mold this trash can lid to your face so that you can be like mommy and me.”

  2. kingmonkey says:

    This is the best way to deter heroes. Make ’em feel really awkward and they’ll stop hitting you.

    And does this remind anyone else of the story Captain Carnage (I think that was his name) from Watchmen? the story that Dan tells Laurie about the villain’s only encounter with Rorschach?

  3. Dan Gonzalez says:

    My girlfriend says that to me all the time.

  4. kingmonkey says:

    Funny, she says the same thing to me, too.

    (I kid, of course; she and I are no longer on speaking terms.)

    (I’m even more kidding now.)

  5. MontanaPlayer says:

    I’m amazed he’s landing a punch vs. getting caught up in the drapes or getting ambushed by a ninja tank.