RP: Quick, to the chinstrap!


(From "Bulletman" number 4, 1941.)

12 Responses to RP: Quick, to the chinstrap!

  1. Even without his helmet, it’s not like anyone is going to recognize who he is.

  2. All his powers come from the helmet, though. Given how often it just falls off — twice in Issue 6 that I just finished — you’d think he’d invest two bucks in a chin strap, you know?

  3. Well, he definitely wasn’t the sharpest bullet around, y’know? *ba doomp tsh*

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  4. Well Considering he has a Giant bullet Shaped projectile slamming into his midsection ( which should be doing wonderful things to his intestines as it shred’s it’s way through his body ) His helmet falling off would be the least thing on his mind at that given moment!

  5. I was just gonna say – no “gravity helmet,” no powers. No powers, say hello to a Giant Bullet shaped hole in his midsection.

  6. Wow. Ironic way to go.

  7. All those bullet powers and he isn’t even immune to bullets.

  8. But it seems as though he IS at least semi-immune, since all it did was knock him back, rather than punching straight through him…

  9. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Isn’t the Gravity Helmet supposed to pull the Giant Bullet into the Helmet, thus stopping it?
    Seems like *someone* wasn’t paying attention to the character concept!

  10. Gravity Helmet 1.0 only attracted regular caliber bullets. Giant bullets are only supported in Gravity Helmet 2.0. For a limited time, for a small upcharge you can also get the Common Office Furniture Gravitic Dampening Field Helmet add-on. Sadly, most people opt out of that, to their regret.

  11. Giant bullet fireing criminal: “Ha! Bulletman’s helmet flew off. Now with his hair exposed, the world will finally know his secret. Bulletman’s secret identity is….oh no! his eyes are shut. Curse you Bulletman.”

  12. Avatar William A. Peterson

    So, Jeff…
    Just how much IS the Gravity Helmet 2.0, WITH the Common Office Furniture Gravitic Dampening Field?
    And… are there any Special Offers our Viewers at home might want to know about?