Character Contest 27 – Hunter vs. Hunted

The character design contest for this week is a bit more involved than usual, but here goes.

Your challenge is to build a character in any HeroMachine version that would fit into the category of either "Hunted" or "Hunter". At the end of the week, I'll pick an equal number of superior designs from each category to go into a poll. Whichever group gets the most overall votes at the end of a week will be the winner, giving each of the finalists their choice of either any item or their own portrait to go into the HeroMachine 3 final version. The member of that group who gets the most votes will instead receive a custom black and white character sketch of whatever they like (within reason).

Here in bullet form are the rules:

  • Using any HeroMachine version, create a character that fits into the category "Hunted" or "Hunter";
  • Upload an image of the character to a publicly accessible web server (ImageShack, PhotoBucket, the UGO HeroMachine forums, whatever) and post that link as a comment to this post;
  • Also in the comment, include which category the character goes in, their name, and why they belong in the group you chose;
  • Next Monday, I will post a poll containing the same number of finalists from each group, and you'll be able to vote for as many as you want. The "team" with the most overall votes will win for each contributor an item or portrait to go into HeroMachine 3, except for the overall vote winner, who will get a free custom black and white character portrait;

  • A limit of two overall submissions, one in each category. You don't have to do two, you can do just one if you want.

Hope that makes sense! You can do characters from fantasy, sci-fi, super-heroes, cartoons, whatever you want. I do prefer that