Character Contest 27 – Hunter vs. Hunted

The character design contest for this week is a bit more involved than usual, but here goes.

Your challenge is to build a character in any HeroMachine version that would fit into the category of either "Hunted" or "Hunter". At the end of the week, I'll pick an equal number of superior designs from each category to go into a poll. Whichever group gets the most overall votes at the end of a week will be the winner, giving each of the finalists their choice of either any item or their own portrait to go into the HeroMachine 3 final version. The member of that group who gets the most votes will instead receive a custom black and white character sketch of whatever they like (within reason).

Here in bullet form are the rules:

  • Using any HeroMachine version, create a character that fits into the category "Hunted" or "Hunter";
  • Upload an image of the character to a publicly accessible web server (ImageShack, PhotoBucket, the UGO HeroMachine forums, whatever) and post that link as a comment to this post;
  • Also in the comment, include which category the character goes in, their name, and why they belong in the group you chose;
  • Next Monday, I will post a poll containing the same number of finalists from each group, and you'll be able to vote for as many as you want. The "team" with the most overall votes will win for each contributor an item or portrait to go into HeroMachine 3, except for the overall vote winner, who will get a free custom black and white character portrait;

  • A limit of two overall submissions, one in each category. You don't have to do two, you can do just one if you want.

Hope that makes sense! You can do characters from fantasy, sci-fi, super-heroes, cartoons, whatever you want. I do prefer that

78 Responses to Character Contest 27 – Hunter vs. Hunted

  1. Demented The Clown says:

    Imma get started right away. Can you enter one for both? Like a hunter hunting the hunted? (say that three times fast)

  2. NEON_N64 says:

    “Can you enter one for both? Like a hunter hunting the hunted?”

    I was wondering the same thing.

  3. Jeff Hebert says:

    You can do whatever you think will fly 🙂

  4. kyle says:

    killer pain:hunter
    reason:once human now cyborg,destroys any planet he feels like.

    Rachel “Robbing Scalper” Ward:
    once a beautiful merchant:one day while on her way to town
    a band of natives ambush her cart,it went flying
    she was unconscious,a native female sculpt beginner hunter started to craving her face off,she thought she was dead,so they buried her in a Indian burying ground
    a few years have past, she now seeks revenge on the decent of that female Indian.

  5. Marie says:

    First-timer, for I hope this works, so… For your viewing pleasure,

    A centaur and his elven partner (one sword paired with one magic) who protect the Forests of their land. The defenders are paired for maximum damage to the beasts of the night; the magician is a distance fighter while the sword protects his partner in close-range combat. These two are Roan (yes, centaurs are named after breeds, not necessarilly their own) and Daphne (laurel in Greek; in ancient times, Olypian heroes were crowned with daphne).

    I’m a history major, so sue me.

    My favorite part is the insigna on Daphne’s breast, the magic looks cool too; conversly, my least favorite is the way her hands come from the sleeves. On Roan, I love the bow and hand position.

  6. The Imp says:

    @Jeff: You do prefer… what? 😀

  7. DCicatriz says:

    Archelaus (Hunter)
    – Angelic mercenary who allowed his brother to escape damnation after the Fall. Exiled from paradise until he hunts his brother down and brings him to justice.

    Abaddon (Hunted)
    – Fallen Angel who served in the Morning Star’s army during the Fall, but was spared from damnation due to the interference of his brother Archelaus (for which Archelaus was exiled). Traverses through the earthly planes of existence to escape his estranged brother’s retribution.

  8. Jeff Hebert says:

    The idea was to have different ones. A character designed as a hunter should not work as well as a hunted.

    If it helps, think of them as “Offense” vs. “Defense”, that’s what I had in mind. Doing one character as both seems contrary to the spirit of the thing.

  9. Jeff Hebert says:

    Oh, wait, I see what you’re saying — yes, the characters should be in separate images. Combining two into one like in Marie’s entry above would make it much harder for me to separate them out into their team.

  10. Demented The Clown says:

    David Boone [HUNTER]

    David lives in a handmade shack in the wilderness, hunting all his food, and clothing using only his bare hands.

  11. Jack Zelger says:

    The creatively named, “The Hunter”. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but you sure can make some nice scenes with HM3…

  12. The Eric says:

    Spidercow, i have to log into the website to see your image.

  13. spidercow2010 says:

    Yeah, cuz I’m a bonehead. Picture quality sux too. I’m going to find another avenue

  14. Ky2030 says:

    Character: Flame
    Catergory: Hunter

    He is a demon bounty hunter. He only takes dead or alive targets as he always seems to roast his marks.

  15. Anarchangel says:

    My entry for the hunters.
    This woman/spider finds other super powered being rather tasty and hunts them down to feed on them.
    This is Widow.

  16. Jigglypuff says:

    The Hunted:

    Mareditar was a Djinn who granted a forbidden wish to a power-hungry sorcerer. When the wish was discovered by the Djinn Adjunctor, the young Kalliane was handed the task to hunt down the rogue Mareditar.

    The Hunter:

    Kalliane is a newly awaken Djinn who was tasked with the time-consuming task of killing Mareditar and the sorcerer the evil Djinn granted the forbidden wish of immortality to.

  17. vampyrist says:

    Here is my contest entry, he is part of the Hunter category.

    He is the mercenary called Bounty. His enhanced strength and speed, along with his healing factor make him a great hunter. On top of this, he is an expert marksman, both with a gun and a knife. Dead or alive, he always gets his mark. If he’s after you theres nowhere to hide.


  18. vampyrist says:

    Sorry, my image didn’t work
    Here is my contest entry, he is part of the Hunter category.

    He is the mercenary called Bounty. His enhanced strength and speed, along with his healing factor make him a great hunter. On top of this, he is an expert marksman, both with a gun and a knife. Dead or alive, he always gets his mark. If he’s after you theres nowhere to hide.

  19. theTopaz says:

    his name is zerek he is a Dark hunter he hunts the daimons or vampires that feast on human soul to expand thier 27 year life span he is cursed with fangs and strength incredible healing abilities and a inability to go in the sun and powers unique to him his weapons of choice are the silver claws he wears on his left hand he fits into the hunter and the hunted categories because he slaughtered the village he was sworn to protect exiled to Alaska he lived alone for most his life until he was granted back into society where the god of wine offered a deal out of it all but in the end he turned against him and helped talon(another dark hunter) escape saving talons and talons girlfriends sunshine’s life. after he was sent back to Alaska Artemis sent thantos(death) after him to be hunted and killed but archeron pleaded with artemis to have him judged

    heres my entry

  20. Gero says:

    Okay, for my first entry, the hunter, I’ve made my totally-not-a-rip-off-of-an-established-character reptilian alien hunter:

  21. Marie says:

    sorry Jeff, I meant for them to by judged together as a team. If this isn’t allowed, please delete my original post and I’ll do better next week.

  22. Nate says:

    Class: Hunter
    A bounty hunter specializing in “gifted” people, Desperado’s power comes from his magic cloak, which contains an interdimensional armory stockpiled with enough firearms to supply over a hundred armies and weapons of unimaginable power from a variety of unknown cultures. The cloak sends Desperado the weapons of his choice whenever he needs them in the heat of battle, and can act as a sheild whenever he is under heavy fire. Desperado may also use the cloak to travel back and forth between the armory dimension and our own dimension, and he may also use it as a means of limited teleportation in our dimension. The power of the weapons that Desperado can choose from depends on the lunar cycle (New moon= close combat weapons only / Full moon= Any weapon of choice), however, because of the cloaks magic, Desperado is bound to the darkness, unable to step out into the sunlight.

  23. The Atomic Punk says:

    @DCicatriz: Nice work with Archelaus.

  24. Danny Beaty says:

    @DCicatriz: I agree with The Atomic Punk. Your design for Archelaus is excellent, as is your use of colors.

  25. DCicatriz says:

    Thanks 🙂

  26. spidercow2010 says:

    Trying this again.


    I swear, no offense meant to the guy whose face i used; hope none taken.

  27. spidercow2010 says:

    So can we delete #14? It’s embarrassing.

  28. Rozenstal says:

    I was bothered with all time to translate into English, therefore the description I write in Russian. I will be very grateful, if someone translates to its rests.
    Специально выведенный подвид человека, скрещенного со львами. В результате множества ужасающих экспериментов ученые постапокалиптического мира вывели его для охоты – как развлечение. Разумеется, сохранившие разум люди-львы умирать не хотят и защищаются как могут, но… Много ли они могут?
    Те, кто охотится на людей-львов. Фанаты этого кровавого шоу, любители острых ощущений. Они тоже мутанты, но уже не рукотворные, а природные, их изменения произошли из-за экологической катастрофы. Именно поэтому они и ненавидят людей, не ставших такими, как они, и превращают их в мохнатых мутантов.

  29. Matt says:

    @Gero(26): Hmmmm, I’m sure I’ve seen that guy somewhere…

  30. Jeff Hebert says:

    OK, #14 deleted.

  31. spidercow2010 says:

    Thanks, Jeff. All hail the new #14!

  32. theTopaz says:

    Rozenstal Says:
    I was bothered with all time to translate into English, therefore the description I write in Russian. I will be very grateful, if someone translates to its rests.
    Specially bred subspecies of human, hybridized with the lions. As a result, many horrific post-apocalyptic world of experiments, they took him for hunting – as entertainment. Of course, the reason people kept lions, do not want to die and protected as they can, but … How many can they?
    Those who preys on people-lions. Fans of this bloody show, fans of thrills. They also mutants, but not man-made and natural, their changes have occurred due to environmental disaster. That is why they hate people who are not like them, and turn them into fur mutants
    there i translated entry 34 for you guys

  33. Gero says:

    @Matt: No, I’m pretty sure it’s an original idea…<..>

  34. Kaldath says:

    Beware of Dragons For thou art crunchy and would taste good with Ketchup!!

    Name: Corric The Red
    Category: Hunter
    Reason: The Ultimate Predator, Red Dragons Hunt both Animal and Man alike both to satisfy it enormous hungry and to sate its lust for treasure

  35. Rozenstal says:

    theTopaz, thanks!

  36. Aaron says:

    Catagory:Hunted because no one likes spiders and always squash them.

    NAme: Kind Lion
    Hunter because lions rule the jungle

  37. Jack Zelger says:

    Ooohh! The OLD #14 was deleted. Now mine is #14. I was about to feel insulted.

  38. Vaxx says:
    Mr. Brisby. also known a Catchow. Read the Artist’s comments. Lolol Hunted Btw.

  39. Vaxx says:
    Bobby Cat. Bobby is former militiary. Lol. Hunter of Mr. Brisby.

  40. Soccerchoco says:

    @ vaxx: lol nice design! heheh btw im guessing by ur deviantart pic u like naruto =D

  41. Gero says:

    Huh, my #39 didn’t come out right. That little jumble at the end was supposed to be shifty eyes made using the > and < symbols. But I guess the site read it as some kind of code…

  42. theTopaz says:

    no prob Rozenstal

  43. mouseclock says:

    um…so you just post your picture here right? it’s actually something I made before i saw the contest and I thought ‘hey, he’s a hunter, why not?’

    -name- ‘Kaisor’ (and his two friends, Tank and Lotti)

    -status- Monster Hunter and sidekicks

    -category- Hunter

    hope you guys like him ^_^

  44. mouseclock says:

    oops! the link didn’t work, sorry >_< let me try again

    -name- ‘Kaisor’ (and his two friends, Tank and Lotti)

    -status- Monster Hunter and sidekicks

    -category- Hunter

  45. Demented The Clown says:

    Assassin for hire.

  46. spidercow2010 says:

    RE: my entry #32: I didn’t read all the instructions, apparently. We were supposed to say why they belong in the group we chose. The following is to remedy that:
    Neither one ever had a choice.
    She calls herself R.TEMIS, and due to some unspeakable childhood trauma involving her hunter father, she has dedicated her life to hunting down men … at least, until she finds a REAL one.
    MOSES d’ANGEROUS was a freelance help-desk agent and devotee of graphic novels; kind of a lonely guy who one day summoned up the courage to answer an intriguing Craigslist ad from a woman who said she liked the outdoors…

  47. Danny Beaty says:

    Silly me! I forgot to describe my characters.

    Andre Beauchamp makes a living catching runaway slaves for the rich plantation owners. He loves that his job gives him power over others. He is a sadist.

    The name forced upon him by his master is Ben Jefferson. After years of abuse (including whippings and his hand being chopped off) Ben finally gets the chance to escape the plantation and try to make his way north.

  48. Jake says:

    Howard the Huntsman

    Howard was born in a populous city. His family were street urchins, living off of the scraps people left over. One year when Howard was eight years old, food supplies to the city dwindled as a result of a drought. While searching through a dumpster for food, Howard came across a shabby, yet functional bow. In search of food, he went into the forest. Despite the forest’s natural dangers, Howard did well to avoid many of the dangers. His perceptive mind and cool rationing helped him to avoid trouble. He fashioned himself some poorly made arrows and managed to kill some squirrels, which he brought back to his family.

    Since that day, his skill and equipment have gotten much better. His family no longer goes hungry.

  49. theTopaz says:

    hey jeff i made a better zarek can you replace the old one with my new one?

  50. theTopaz says:

    i will make a thanatos now…

  51. Marcos Vazquez says:

    He is The Hunter, a super hero on vacation. His day job, fighting for the city against crime, super villains and the occasional crooked politician. Clearly he’s rough on clothes and equipment but some find extreme sports relaxing. Perhaps it’s the lack of moral ambiguity that attracts him to the hunt. Though, admit it, if we could wrestle a full grown moose we’d be tempted to flex our muscles in the forest too. Enjoy.


  52. AegonTargaryen says:

    The Hunter:

    When young Christina Holzer lost her way in the deep forests of northern Hessia, she met a red haired huntsmen, who offered to show her the way home if she allowed him to hunt her in her dreams. She should have known better, but was desperate, and so she agreed. The next night she experienced a terrible nightmare, were she was hunted down during a thunderstorm by the red-haired Master of the Wild Hunt and his hounds. Finally, Christina was hit by an arrow in the heart and woke up, only to find she had turned into a deer and was once again lost in a vast forest. And nearby, she heard the sound of a horn blowing and the howling of the hounds …

  53. Gero says:

    And now, to go along with my “Hunter” image, I give you…The Hunted

  54. Matt says:

    @Gero(64): Hmmmm… I also recall seeing your Hunted being killed in a same manner as someone in a film where a thought I saw your Hunter… Well, it’s probly nothing

  55. Vampyrist says:

    Here is my entry for the hunted contest. The person’s name is David Ferguson and he is mutant. He is an omega level telekinetic and has unreached telepathic potential. Because of this a hundred governments, including the US are hunting him to use him as a weapon or to end his threat. David just wants to live a normal life, but he is now forced into being on the run.

  56. Gero says:

    @Matt: Yep! I’m sure you were just dreaming or something…>.> <.<

  57. Soccerchoco says:

    William Fields/ Red Parasite

    Freddy Smith

    William Fields is part of a sort of spy agency thing, but he turns into the demon named Red Parasite whenever he is alone in a room with his friend- (the imaginatively named) Freddy Smith (who is also part of the spy agency). The reason for this is that the Red Parasite was once imprisoned by Freddy and now seeks his revenge. But the only way he can do this is by attaching himself to a human who is close to Freddy. Since the Red Parasite doesnt want to be caught, he only attempts to attack Freddy once he is alone.

  58. Matt says:

    Here’s my last Entry…
    Sorry there’s no story and that the Hunter doesn’t look good, it’s about 3:00am here and I took 1 hour doing the arms of the Hunted right so here they are…
    Enjoy making up a back story for them.

  59. NEON_N64 says:

    Blood Chameleon

    Greed and ambition have existed since humans started to walk on the earth. Trough the ages, many humans have felt these feelings with an intensity big enough to make them them sell their souls to the dark creatures that inhabit the underworld. Human and demon forge a pact, the human get his wish granted (power, richness, great deeds, beauty, fame, etc…) and a few years later the Hell send their hunters to collect the soul.

    These hunters are called Blood Chameleons. They hut their preys and rip their souls apart from their bodies. They can freely travel trough the world while being invisible to the human eye. Only their preys can partially see them.


    This world is filled with suffering and injustice. A young man, tired of seeing crime every day, decided to do the unthinkable to fight it. He sold his soul in exchange of the Blue Flame, a demonic power that would make him powerful enough to punish the evil. This way, he became The Slasher, a vigilante that roams in the darkness of the night. However, his time is over. Hell has unleashed its hunters. Soon, he’ll understand that no evil on earth can compare to those of the hell.

  60. Gene says:

    Here is an Entry from my son – I believe it belongs in the Hunter category, but I didn’t get the story from him before he went to bed 🙁

  61. Gene says:

    And here is my entry for a hunter. The first thing that came to mind when Jeff abbouned the contest was to do Monster hunter, and a monster, but I ran out of time.

    So here is Preacher Man

    “When you take notice that there are monsters in your city, lock your doors and board your windows.”

    “When you notice Preacher Man has come to town, take your family and leave….things are going to get messy.”

    LoL, kinda like when Angela Landsbury shows up in town – someone’s gonna die.

  62. Matt says:

    Okay I’m awake now so here’s a backstory for my last entry…
    The Advanced robotics company, known as Wetland-Cybus, Was in construction of their latest XP model for the front lines in the war against China’s Rogue Samurishi War Drones. After the XP45 Prototypes creation, a glitch in it’s command upload caused the robot to gain independant thought. Because it was a breakthrough in their technology, they decided to keep the robot prisoner without it knowing and taught it for months and months with it completely unaware of it’s purpose. Five months later the Samurishi War Drones invaded the Wetland-Cybus base where XP45 was being kept, after the Drones caused a power outage the XP45 left his room in confusion and was shot at several times by guards and by the automatic turrets, this scared the XP45 and caused him to run to the exit, out side the building he saw the Drones takeoff in their carrier jets back to their headquarters, and reconising a connection between them and XP45 he decided to jump and latch on to the Jet, only to be shot off it by an Agent of The Shade. Opon XP45’s exit of the building, the President of Wetland-Cybus restarted the Robotic Capturing Program and sent out the machines called The Agents of The Shade to retrieve XP45 before he learns the truth behind the war and that Wetland-Cybus invaded China (a country now owned and populated by robotic lifeforms with self obtained free will) inorder to find the secret behind their ability of free will and gain their land as their own, only to find the Robots to fight for their own freedom. So now XP45 is on the run around the entire world looking for the Drones trace and try to find out the truth about himself and his creation, and to escape the Agents of The Shade’s grasp.

  63. Matt says:

    This one is to replace The Agent of the Shade Hunter

  64. Matt says:

    Oh, and I found somthing wrong with my XP45 hunted pic so here’s the corrected one…