Character Contest 26 Winner!

The winner of Character Contest 26: Golden Oldies is ... Jake and his Minuteman redesign!


Jake wins his choice of either any item or a portrait of himself to appear in the final version of HeroMachine 3. Congratulations! It was a great looking illustration.

I also tip my hat to Gero's Spy Smasher and Kyle's Ms. Scarlet, as they were the next runners-up.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

7 Responses to Character Contest 26 Winner!

  1. Congrats all!

  2. Congratulations, Jake! Man, I almost had this one, just two more votes…

  3. Avatar Demented The Clown

    Wonder What He’ll Pick

  4. Thanks everyone who voted for me! I really thought Gero or Kyle were gonna win it.

    Jeff, do I tell you what I would like as my prize on here or via e-mail?

  5. Either way is good Jake, I get notified any time a comment is left via email, or you can do it directly (afdstudios at gmail dot com).

  6. Thanks Jeff. I e-mailed you under the subject “My Prize.”

  7. I loved the Minute-man redesign because because the retcon had a twisted sense of humor. Trapping a poor man in a hourglass and then tormenting the victim by turning it over and over again when the man has rematerialized sure is sadistic. No wonder this version of the Minute-Man is so p***ed as hell at the sorcerer who trapped him.