Group shots

Hammerknight has put together a very comprehensive and enlightening guide to assembling group shots of your characters using photo editing software. It's good stuff, many thanks to him for undertaking it!

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  1. Marx says:

    Great stuff HK! I’ve been compositing group shots for my Role Playing group for years now. Check out my gallery of Group pics here –

  2. Niall Mor says:

    Utter and complete awesomeicity, Hammerknight! Thanks a heap! I’ve admired other people’s group shots ever since I first started messing around with HeroMachine but never really known how to make one myself.

  3. darkvatican says:

    I really like this, HK – great job, dude!

    @Marx: I like your black & white phgroup photo pieces, man. Very cool. Also, I’m curious about what character types/classes are decpicted in your Firefly class transport “Faith” crew shot. I’m a HUGE fan of the Firefly series and the universe as a whole, but I’ve never played the role-playing game. Care to share? ^_^

  4. Marx says:

    @darkvatican – Thanx! The B&W pics are from a “Call of Cthulhu” game and a “Spirit of the Century” game. In the Firefly game, we used the D20 Modern rules, which worked ok. Not great, but acceptable. If we were ever to try a game set in the FF universe again, we’d probably use either GURPS or the “Big Eyes, Small Mouth” anime game system. None of us are overly impressed with the Firefly game system.

    Anyway, the characters you see from left to right, to the best of my recollection are…

    * Mechanic’s apprentice – Fast Hero
    * Mechanic – Tough Hero
    * Thief with amnesia – Smart Hero
    * Captain – Charismatic Hero
    * Pilot – Fast Hero
    * Gunslinger – Fast Hero

  5. Demented The Clown says:

    I’ve been using for my group shots but always get white lines around them. Been thinking about getting

  6. Hammerknight says:

    Demented you can still get the white lines around them with But there is a couple of ways around that. 1. Now what color you are going to be doing the background in and make your character with that color of background and that way when you use the wand on it your character will not have the fade to white outline around it. 2. Is to zoom in real close and take out the white pixels one at a time, by coloring them. I do use both way, it just depends on the background color around the character. One other tip is to make more then just one copy of your character. I do my characters, for the most part, one with the white background and then one with a colored background and sometimes more then one background color. I also do my close ups the same way. Lately I have been using right click and zoom in as well as the regular close ups. But is a very good tool.

  7. Tim says:

    Thanks Hammerknight! This’ll be very useful!

  8. Tristan says:

    I’ve been doing a simular thing useing Powerpoint to arange the characters then for the final edditing

  9. Niall Mor says:

    This is a followup question for Hammerknight regarding your group shots tutorial. I can open the first image and make the background transparent, but when I add in a new layer and open the next image, the program immediately makes the new image the background layer, and any other layers seem to disappear or become impossible to get to. Am I leaving out a step? What am I doing wrong? Any help you can give would be appreciated. Thanks for all your great work, HK!

  10. Jake says:

    This is really great. I started working with this last night. One thing that I’m unsure of though is enclosed white space. For instance, the large character on the very right has white space below both of his armpits. Is there a way to cut out that part too without ruining the pic (which is what happened to one mine)?

  11. Hammerknight says:

    @Niall Mor To place the first image you don’t really have to make it’s background transparent unless you plan on putting it over another picture. You need to open a blank page to start with, then you open a file and make it’s background transparent. Then copy and paste that to the blank page. Next image you what to add will then be place on another layer.

    @Jake you use the magic wand on those areas also. It is done the same way as you do the back ground. The wand can be use to make(or cut) any area that you want.

  12. PsyckoSama says:

    Thanks a whole lot, this is great. I just asked for a list of hex codes and you added in a whole new function. Awesome!

    I’ve already used it to create half-shades for detailing several characters. 🙂

  13. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thank you for the idea, PsyckoSama, it was a good one and easy enough to do. Although there’s a bug with the custom colors part of it, the basic idea is there. Glad you’re finding it useful so far!