SOD.033 – Cyborg country


18 Responses to SOD.033 – Cyborg country

  1. Far be it from me to criticize, but if I didn’t read the title I would not have gotten that this guy is a cyborg. It needs more cyborgy stuff IMO.

  2. They EYE man, look at the EYE!

    Just kidding. These sketches aren’t really supposed to be full illustrations, they’re just quickies. The idea was more of a sci-fi redneck, with the laser gun and the John Deere logo-with-jet-boosters, and cybernetic scope eye. “Cyborg” was just made up for the headline on the spur of the moment, probably “Rednecks from the FUTURE!” would have been better.

  3. No doubt the gun is meant to compensate for his lack of anything below the waist. Cyborgs are like that.

  4. Resistance is futile, ya’ll.

  5. Avatar Demented The Clown

    Looks Like The Dude From Repo

  6. We need cyber eyes…

  7. Hah I really like this one, Jeff! As an “honorary redneck”, I feel I am qualified to declare this picture 100% awesome. 😉

  8. Jeff,
    With the Cyborg Eye, is he just 99.9 percent REDNECK??

  9. Larry the Cyber Guy.

  10. If you go to a family reunion to score a lil’ input/output from your first cousin… you might be a cybernetic redneck.


  11. Dang it Jeff, I told you that you weren’t supposed to use my pictures from that there face book.

  12. Deliverance: 3000.

  13. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    Bender, you didn’t touch the Crushinator, did you?

  14. If you’re watching a little TV that’s sitting on a big TV because you used parts from the big TV to jury rig repairs to your bionic implants, you could be a redneck cyborg!

  15. If you shop for spare parts at a junkyard, you might be a cyborg redneck.
    If you get caught with your floppy drive hanging out, you might be a cyborg redneck.
    If you open an account at the bank to get a date with a toaster, you might be a cyborg redneck.
    If you find your blender sexy, you might be a cyborg redneck.
    If you have a weed eater for something other then cutting grass, you might be a cyborg redneck.
    If you hold your family reunions in the appliance department, you might be a cyborg redneck.

  16. If you have any kids named “Roomba” and “Bubba 2.0”, you just may be a redneck cyborg!

  17. If you drink Pabst Hi-Test, you might be a redneck cyborg.

  18. If you replaced your left forearm with a pump action shotgun, you might be a redneck cyborg!
    If your last medical check-up was at Radio Shack, you could be a redneck cyborg!