Masthead voting

We're trying something starting with this week's contest (Character Contest 25) -- You get to pick the winner! I've selected the submissions that I feel are particularly worth of inclusion, our Honorable Mentions from which you, the voting public, will select a winner.

Even better, you can vote for however many entries you think are worthy of the win. So if you're the kind of person who has trouble deciding between two great choices, this is the poll for you!

I'll close voting next Monday, when the next contest is announced. If this goes well, we'll try the voting thing again.

Good luck to everyone, and congratulations to the following Honorable Mentions, may the Most Honorable Mention win!

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26 Responses to Masthead voting

  1. If people can vote for more than one entrant, what’s to keep them from voting for the same one multiple times?

  2. I really like this. It’s a way that everyone can voice their opinions. Thanks Jeff for the Honorable Mention. Good job everyone. The people on this site are all wonderful, thanks for all the support that all of you have given to Isia and I in our time of lost. My father-in-law was and always will be a great man to me, and I’m sure that if he would of had his eye site he would of been using HM3 and designing away like the rest of us.

  3. It’s supposed to be set where you can only vote once.

  4. Meaning in your one allowed voting session, you can vote for however many you want, but overall you only get one ballot regardless of whether you vote for one, three, or all of them.

  5. How about randomly displaying all of them?

  6. I could do a random selection in theory, but the idea was that the contest winner each week got featured in the masthead one week, and the runner-up the next week. Since we do character contests every week, that means each week a new character would get to be up there.

  7. I like this format. Especially the part where we can choose several entrants. That means that we can have a say not only in who we want to win, but in who we want to be runner-up…

  8. I definitely support this system, it is a great idea Jeff.

    And the entries are pretty impressive as well, good thing we can vote for more than one πŸ˜‰

    Here’s an idea for the next voting:
    Hide the number of votes, reveal them only when announcing the winner, I think it would be even more dramatic that way (suspense FTW πŸ™‚ ).

  9. Neon, that is such a good idea, I went ahead and turned vote hiding off for this poll. PollDaddy is neat!

  10. Ok, I was just curious how it was going to work. Thanks for clearing that up Jeffy Boy. Good luck to all the entrants, I’ve noticed some pretty good ones in the mix.

  11. Avatar The Atomic Punk

    I don’t know if this was by design, but I like that there is no running tally after I made my choices. Makes it worthwhile to wait for the final results. Some really good entries.

  12. Hiding the number of votes is a good idea. It will not be a stressful, and be a big surprise in the end.

  13. Avatar Demented The Clown

    I Voted For Blue Man

  14. I like Danny Beaty’s because it shows that you can make a variety of characters, and Keldath’s first one because it harkens back to the original masthead, almost in an homage.

  15. @Galahad: Thanks! In my original picture the word “HeroMachine” was above the heads, so everyone could see them. I dont know why it was changed; I guess they wanted everything to fit on the same line, you know, as it was in the original HM logo which is being abandoned.

  16. Gotta be Hammerknight for me. I think to attract new people, showing a good archetype rather than something more exotic is what’s needed and a good basic male and female works best for that.

  17. Anarchangel 1, because I like the superhero theme and it has good detailing. Also, for the masthead it’s important that things show up well and don’t obscure the name.

    In a different type of contest I’d probably vote for a different design. The ones with multiple faces is great for giving an idea of what HeroMachine can do, but it needs more room to actually work on the masthead.

  18. Wow, None of the Super Jeffs were included?!?!?! I’d like to start a write in campaign; the first new masthead should be one of the Super Jeff’s that were submitted!

    Only a couple days left, com’on everyone, put Jeff’s mug up there!

  19. @Count Libido, thanks that is what I was going for.

  20. That’s…disturbing… πŸ˜‰

  21. Lol. Wow monkey. Niccccccceeeeee… πŸ˜‰

  22. I vote Xavier Kain’s up because it best communicates a “Hero” idea for me.

  23. i thought we were spouse to vote for fnf not character contest.

  24. Life changes, Kyle πŸ™‚

  25. i know,looks like the the majority voted for vetoing
    so be cool with it