RP: My feelings exactly


(From "Master Comics" number 56, 1944.)

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  1. In a world full of ninja tanks and people being thrown around by their heads I’m sure that phrase is uttered a lot 🙂

  2. Avatar Jester the Great


  3. Honestly, this one panel shows some quality writing. Obviously something bizarre just happened and you have the two main characters stare at each other in bemusement and utter “huh?” simultaneously. If it was a sitcom, you’d have the audience rolling in the aisles. It’s the kind of humor that Scrubs excels at. I strive for stuff like this in my webcomic. 🙂

  4. Plus you have to respect their contortionist abilities in getting their hands to project directly from their pectorals. That level of dedication to the craft is, sadly, all too rare.

    I do think this one panel pretty much sums up Bulletman, though.

  5. It’s a hilarious one-way comical cruise to Whackytown!

  6. They’re saying it because they’ve realised that they both have hands coming out of their chests 😀

  7. Why are they BOTH wearing lipstick?

  8. What? Huh? whaaaa?

  9. Well, if those two can’t figure it out, then the world is truly doomed.