Random Panel: Great moments in detecting


(From "Master Comics" number 51, 1944.)

10 Responses to Random Panel: Great moments in detecting

  1. Sherlock Holmes? Batman? All are put to shame by this man’s detective skills.
    However did he work it out???

  2. More to the point, who gives away free zippers?

  3. How do you even give away a zipper?

  4. I think the most important question is if “free zipper with every operation” is something you EVER want to hear from a doctor…

  5. Is that the Director of Homeland Defense?

  6. Well this character is obviously Dr. Ima Fake’s twin….Ura Fake

  7. I don’t even want to KNOW what kind of operation would give away a free zipper.

  8. Avatar JesterTheGreat

    Perhaps Dr. Ima Fake’s brother Ura happens to be a haberdasher and has an overabundance of zippers???

  9. Maybe his brothers name is Heesa Fake.

  10. You’ve got to love a comic written in the ’40’s … completely and utterly culturally insensitive: “Ees a fake.” Let me get up from my siesta and take off my giant sombrero … andale arriba!