Random Panel: Unorthodox martial arts from WWII


(From "America's Greatest Comics" number 3, 1942.)

14 Responses to Random Panel: Unorthodox martial arts from WWII

  1. Saaay… just what kind of comics have you been reading, Jeff?

  2. Well, Jeff can’t show us any of the “hardcore” stuff he keeps in his private stash.

  3. That ain’t right.

  4. @Runt: Exactly. That’s why the hero’s word bubble is cut out of the image, because what he’s saying is NSFW!

  5. Sine it’s from WWII, I am sure it had something to do with a Fat Man and / or a Little Boy.

  6. Duuuude. That ain’t right.

  7. Hey, I don’t draw ’em, I just post ’em!

  8. What makes him think it’s gonna stop if he gives in? Then it gets REALLY bad.

  9. It’s a shame the artist didn’t bother to draw in the onomatoPOWia. I’d like to see what a funk bassline looks like.

  10. @ Jeff from yesterday’s question to take off time, I say go ahead, and I have a suggestion for the next contest when you pick up: perhaps a contest with a songs theme? I’m sure our nutty bunch could come up with all sorts of hilarity for “Walk like an Egyptian,” To say the least. Some other suggestions are popular theme songs, like “Three’s Company,” etc. I think we’re all old enough around here to have stayed up for some Nick at Nite in the time that original music was scored for theme songs instead of simply picking popular songs- though we wouldn’t want this to turn into a classic shows theme, that could come later at the discretion of Mr. Hebert, Master of the Machine that is Hero.

    Hope you catch this one, if not, I’ll just have to post it for tomorrow’s panel! 😀

  11. …Shoulda done a caption contest for this one 🙂

  12. No, it’d be too difficult to keep it a clean contest.

  13. ._. …..your a sick man Jeff.

  14. Unless I’m mistaken, that’s a pro-wrestling move called the Boston Crab.