Iron Man 2 Trailer

For those of you who have not yet seen it, the new trailer for the May 2010 "Iron Man 2" movie is out. I have only one word for it:


6 Responses to Iron Man 2 Trailer

  1. That was pretty cool. Looking forward to it.

    I’m seeing two plots; one involving Wipplash’s vengeance quest, and another with the US government building their own Suits. Probably with plans Blackwidow stole from Stark.

  2. Avatar dementedtheclown

    Looks Tight, War Machine FTW. Hope Tony Built Him, Not The Government.

    Got The 1st One On Bootleg, Cant Wait To Get This 1.

  3. Looks like it’s gonna rock. I have to admit, I wasn’t familiar with the Iron Man mythos before I saw the first movie. I find it interesting that Tony Stark has ditched the whole idea of a secret identity. Everybody knows he’s Iron Man. Is that the way it is in the comics too?

  4. Avatar dementedtheclown

    @Niall Not At 1st, This Iron Man’s A Little Different.
    Good Source Of Info

  5. looks cool.

    (I heard that Justin Hammer builds the WarMachine)

    How a Bad Super Hero Costume post about some of Tony’s more…ugly armors?

  6. It looks like they gave Backlash the backstory/name of Crimson Dynamo…