Caption Contest 66 Winner!

Wow, there were some really funny entries for Caption Contest 66, thanks to everyone who took the time to make a submission! I think this is the longest Honorable Mention list I've ever had, but they were just that good.

Ultimately, of course, There Can Be Only One, and this week that One is first time winner Tim!


It probably says more about my completely random and odd sense of humor than anything, but that makes me laugh every time. The ejection nozzle on that "gun" just screams "TOAST!" to me now whenever I see it. Plus I love the idea of that expression on that "woman" as she wades into battle, flinging lightly crisped bread products willy-nilly. It walks that fine line between head-scratching legitimate war-cry and completely inane blather that truly is the hallmark of the Image Nineties. Well done, Tim! He receives his choice of either his portrait or any item he likes to be included in the final HM3 version.

As I said, though, many other outstanding entries were submitted, so without further ado I present your Honorable Mentions for this week:

  • Blue Blazer: That’s for wiping snot on the side of my pool.
  • Gero: “It’s lucky this gun is so big, because I can’t see a damn thing!”
  • Dennis: “Does my butt look in this”
  • Danny Beaty: Keep your “Watchtower” and give Jehovah my regards!
  • haydnc95: ‘If you look real hard…You may notice I have a gun!’
  • nick: when life hands you ammo, buy a bigger gun.
  • Gene: “It IS the size of your gun that matters!!”
  • Aaron: Yes this is a gun…..and no I am not happy to see you.
  • Deadeas: “Hey! The frozen pizza’s done!”
  • Patrick: I have what kind of envy now?!
  • Loki: Now that’s what you call a bullet-bullet!
  • GreenBat: I’ll let these guns do the talking.
  • Jake: You should see my big gun.
  • D: That’s not a hairdryer! THIS…is a hairdryer!
  • Kountkill: “Who said you can’t weaponize an E-Z bake oven?”
  • PRiegel: “Good Lord! I DO have feet…and I shot one off!”

Thanks again to all who entered!