Random Panel: Best. Ellipses. Ever.


(From "Captain Midnight" number 3, 1942.)

10 Responses to Random Panel: Best. Ellipses. Ever.

  1. Runt82 says:

    Those sheets won’t be “so kleen” much longer.

  2. Hammerknight says:

    Captain Midnight the teenage years.

  3. kingmonkey says:

    The creepy smile really brings the whole thing together, the man in his goggles, hiding in a laundry bag masturbating… This is the epitome of the comic book art form.

  4. runt82 says:

    Wait, I know who Captain Midnight is! He’s the creepy kid from A Christmas Story who’s standing in line for Santa, wearing those goggles as he continuously stares at Ralphie while commenting “I like Santa”, only now he’s all grown up. It all makes sense now!

  5. laughingjack says:


  6. kingmonkey says:

    Really, runt? I thought he looked an awful lot like the Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight.


  7. What I want to know is who he’s giving all this unfortunate information to? His mom?

  8. Jeff Hebert says:

    I have to say, for all of the reasons listed above by you very astute folk and more, this is one of my favorite all-time random panels. The hidden arm, the goggles, the bed, the sheet with “SoKleen Laundry”, the full shirt, the slightly dizzy expression, the visible hand pulling the sheet waaaay up, and of course the dialog … man, this is awesome.

  9. The Imp says:

    Even in 1942 they didn’t see something wrong with this picture?


  10. Frankie says:

    Does he mean that the male kind is the most fun to beat?