Random Panel: Bad bet, baby


(From "Bulletman" number 12, 1943.)

10 Responses to Random Panel: Bad bet, baby

  1. Lady, they have bullet EVERYTHING!

  2. It’s too bad we didn’t have that in the poll!

  3. It’s as though, 66 years ago, the Bulletwriter and Bulletdrawer were reading our Bulletminds!

  4. My god, why didn’t we think of that!?

  5. I can’t beleive we missed that, and the writer thought of it. What about bulletears? And do they have groupies called the Bulletteers?

    Maybe if this comic gets a new life as a tv series or movie, Susan could wear a bulletbra.

  6. Frankie, back then many women wore a ‘bullet bra.’ Have you not seen Bettie Page?

  7. bulleteyes? I want that in heromachine

  8. What pray tell are bulleteyes?!?
    Also, just how can said bulleteyes assist with the overtaking of a speedboat?
    Perhaps it’s an allusion to shooting the motor to pieces with mind bullets, “that’s telekinesis yo!”

  9. If it isn’t already, that should be on the Evil Overlord List.
    Don’t Feed Straight Lines To The Heroes.

  10. If the bulleteyes are supposed to catch her, them maybe they have retractor beams.