Caption Contest 65 Winner!

I am pleased to give you the winner of Caption Contest 65, Gero!


This is much funnier if you're steeped enough in Bulletlore to know that Bulletgirl IS the police chief's daughter. I laughed out loud reading it, though, so nice job Gero! I also got a kick out of these Honorable Mention entries:


  • BM: Bulletgirl, have you noticed that we have huge seashells on our hea–
  • BG: Shhhhh! I think I can hear the ocean.


  • BM: I’m telling you Bulletgirl … Rock beats Booger everytime!
  • BG: NoseBullets!


  • BM: The line must be drawn here!
  • BG: Why not over there?

There weren't as many entries this time, so I think I need to work harder to find some really bizarre, fun panel, like the one with the guy spraying machine gun fire while explosions came out of his butt. Good times.

Thanks to those who did take the time to submit their funny lines! Gero wins either a portrait of himself or any item he chooses for the final HM3 version, so congratulations again.