Random Panel: Why Princeton sucks


(From "Detective Comics" number 482, ©1978, DC Comics, Inc.)

14 Responses to Random Panel: Why Princeton sucks

  1. Well what king of training is THAT?

  2. Sounds like a bad date I had once.

  3. Wow, the Bat got totally gypped.

  4. Wow! Batman has muscles were us mere mortals do not!

  5. Yah, what’s that one shaped like a hamburger where we have abs called?

  6. I always thought Batman went to Wayne State University.

  7. @Gero: It’s called the meaty muscle!

  8. The same kind that gives you those extra, superfluous, lower chest muscles. 😉

  9. Only two beings have muscles like that and one of them is Chuck Norris.

  10. Avatar Montana Player

    It’s officially known as the Midlevel Liefeld Ab

  11. It looks like an old man’s face…

  12. It looks like Batman’s chest is trying to swallow his abdomen.

  13. Who’s up for bat-burgers?

  14. His body muscles look like a face. His pecs are the eyes,(with a yellow visor over them) inbetween and below them is a nose with a mustache below that, followed by a mouth, then a chin.