Character Contest 20 Winner

Although it was a smaller turnout than usual (not that I blame anyone -- I certainly wouldn't want a picture of me up on the internet! -- I appreciate everyone who made an entry into our last costume contest, which asked you to put up a HeroMachine image of an actual Halloween costume. In addition to the folks who bravely posted themselves, several people put together excellent composites of other people.

PhoenixTallon posted some very nice adaptions, but my favorite was her "I Dream of Jeannie":


Kyle did a very nice job with this fetching puppet costume:


Kingmonkey's "Monkferatu" adaptation is also excellent:


I couldn't get to Johny's HeroMachine version of this picture, but it's so funny I couldn't resist:


Finally, three people were brave enough to send in not only HeroMachine creations, but the images of themselves in the actual costumes as well. Because of their intestinal fortitude, all three are winners for this contest, each receiving either a caricature of their head or a custom item of whatever they like for HeroMachine 3! Congratulations to all three of them, and thanks to everyone who entered.

First, Kaldath as The Grim Reaper:

Next, Marx as a swashbuckling pirate captain (nice attention to detail!):

And finally, Aaron, who deserves mad props for going in drag for all the world to see. Huzzah, sir!


Congratulations to Aaron, Marx, and Kaldath for winning (and Johny too, if you can send me your HM version of that costume -- a diaper deserves no less)!

21 Responses to Character Contest 20 Winner

  1. Avatar Niall Mor says:

    That marionette costume is just nightmare fuel looking for a place to happen πŸ™‚

  2. Hey, honorable mention! Honorable mention is good! ^.^

  3. Avatar Tommy says:

    couldn’t make my costume with heromachine but i would’ve won ……

  4. Avatar The Imp says:

    Aaron scares me on some deep, fundamental level of my soul… and yet I find that costume strangely attractive.


  5. Avatar Gero says:

    I figured Marx’s reverse version of this would do good, and I was right! Great job everyone!

  6. Avatar Al says:

    I would have entered, but last year was supposed to be my last year of trick-or-treating. :_( But hopefully I’ll be able to go next year.

  7. Avatar Discworldean says:

    Hey, I just want to clarify, i take it i shouldnt have posted my entry to facebook then? if so, thats fair enough, but i thought people should see it so ive uploaded it to ugo forums:

  8. Avatar Danny Beaty says:

    Captain Underpants looks like Babyman from an old cartoon called “The Mighty Heroes.”

  9. Avatar Danny Beaty says:

    Congrats to the winners!

  10. Avatar Danny Beaty says:

    Let me correct myself.The baby superhero from “The Mighty Heroes” was called “Diaperman,” not “Babyman.”

  11. Avatar kingmonkey says:

    Poison Ivy has never looked quite so… uh, sexy.

    Just to clarify, Jeff, that is a picture of me as a vampire.

  12. Avatar kyle says:

    do to the smaller turnout wouldn’t we all be winner’s or the ones that are dress up are the winners

  13. Avatar kyle says:

    @Kaldath: nice grim reaper

    congrats to all

  14. Avatar johny says:

    sexy puppet :woof woof:

  15. Avatar kyle says:

    it took me seven female bodies,4 smaller bodies,six tops, two shoes,ten in design’s, one hat , two neck wear,two gloves uh,,, three heads,two hair,four right powers and put that al together and you get the sexy puppet

  16. Avatar kyle says:

    thanks for the honorable mention Jeff

    next Character Contest : pirates arr

  17. Avatar The Imp says:

    Pirates is a good theme for a contest; I could go for that…

  18. Avatar johny says:

    when can we see are prizes?