Random Panel: If only


(From "Whiz Comics" number 4, 1940.)

15 Responses to Random Panel: If only

  1. In germany we call it “tossing Cthulhu around”. Yes, we speak english sometimes. 🙂

  2. In the Highlands, we call it… the hammer throw!

    GO Shazam!!!

  3. And we call that “special creature’s talent discrimination” in SCRA*. *(Special Creature Rights Association).

  4. This is exactly how we play golf in Canada. I see nothing funny or odd about this panel.

  5. Hey Jeff, Captain Marvel should appear in your next “Bad Super Costumes” article. I mean just LOOK at this guy!

  6. OK, I’ll grant I hate his cape — always have — but I actually dig the rest of Captain Marvel’s costume. It’s bold and graphic, with a good color scheme (I also love The Flash and only just now realized they’re the same). I like the non-traditional flared Captain America style boots, and the fact that his shirt is a military style Rocketeer kind of thing, rather than just spandex.

    Plus, that chin! You can forgive a lot when you’ve got a manly chin like that. Just look at Tom Brady.

  7. In England we call that “I’m not paying for this”.

  8. Golf, huh? Is that creature thing supposed to be metallic? If so, it would add a whole new meaning to the phrase “Using an iron.”

  9. What, no Bulletman? I feel so . . . lost 🙂

  10. @Jeff: I guess when you factor in the double-breasted shirt and manly chin, it does sort of make up for the strange litte quarter-cape. I retract my previous statement about him being good material for a “Bad Costume” article…

  11. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Slightly off topic, but speaking of bad costumes:
    {Click for the larger image)
    The finely attired gentleman with the understated choice of colors at the center is “Most Excellent Super Bat”, whom I’ve mentioned before…
    Jeff, care to critique his Sartorial Splendor? :->

  12. That’s pretty bad, WillyPete!

  13. If this were golf, you’d pretty much never see me off the green. I do so hope this is the golf of the future played with cybernetic enhancements.

  14. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Thanks! I thought you’d like it, Jeff!
    Any chance you might give it a more thorough critique in a future Blog?

  15. I’m not sure WillyPete, I’ll put it in my “potential” folder and see how it strikes me when the time comes. It’s not a great costume, but it doesn’t strike that note of instant revulsion or laughter that others have, so I’ll have to let it simmer and check it later.