Caption Contest 63

Usually when I do these caption contests, I have at least some idea of what I would put if I were entering, but not so this week:


Definitely some interesting bits to work with there, though, you have to give me that! Anyway, your challenge is to fill in the missing dialog with your own invention. Funniest entry wins either any item of their choice or a caricature of themselves to be included in the final HeroMachine 3 program!

All entries must be made in the comments to this post, and you can only enter up to three times. Also, please keep it relatively clean. I’ll choose a winner next Tuesday, so until then, good luck!

49 Responses to Caption Contest 63

  1. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    “Hey Pumpkin you ain’t getting into that pie.”

  2. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    “Great Pumpkin, it’s you at last.”

  3. Avatar Hammerknight says:

    “Hey you’re not a member of the Smashing Pumpkins, get back in line.”

  4. Avatar remy says:

    “Dude….Watchmen smiley face? Fail…Epic fail

  5. Avatar Bixlord says:

    This’ll teach you to rollback prices.

  6. Avatar Gero says:

    “Let’s see what you say about no employee dental coverage after THIS!”

  7. Avatar Gero says:

    “oh, my mistake. I thought you were a delicious, nutricious pear…”

  8. Avatar Gero says:

    “…and where do you think YOU’RE going? That mask won’t stop you from paying the cover charge!”

  9. Avatar song_bird2103 says:

    “You can’t rape the willing, and this guy’s smiling, so that’s gotta count for something.”

  10. Avatar Danny Beaty says:

    1. Girl, where did you get those bitchin’ thigh highs?

    2. Hey, your pet crocodile/warthog thingy just coughed up a big “POW!”! What have you been feeding your pet, alphabet soup?

    3. Don’t you just love it when the National Association for the Colorblind throws a costume party?

  11. Avatar song_bird2103 says:

    1. “You can’t rape the willing, and this guy’s smiling, so that’s gotta count for something.”

    2. Simon says, “FROWN!”

    3. WHAT about my girlfriend kissing your “banana”?!

  12. Avatar Tim says:

    “Hey you! My fist has something to say to you!”

    “Wipe that smile off you face!”

    “This was my favorite pair of yellow tights! How dare you turn my leg orange!”

  13. Avatar johny says:

    trick or treat jack

  14. Avatar johny says:

    lets put a frown on that face!

  15. Avatar johny says:

    aren’t you a little to old for Halloween?

  16. Avatar StrangezThingez says:

    1. Let’s wipe that look off that face of yours!

    2. Oh, don’t give me THAT look!

    3. I’ll MAKE you smile “ear to ear!”

  17. Avatar TopHat says:

    1- “Alright punk,you’re going to tell me where your boss Jack the Pumpkin king is hiding Santa!”

    2- “Hah! I told you I’d find someone with a costume sillier then mine!”

  18. Kaldath Kaldath says:

    1#: Gumby!! You cheating @#$%^&* I’ll Kill you!!!

  19. Avatar DerKork says:

    1) This is the worst, the most annoying Pac Man costume I’ve ever seen!
    2) Paperbag-over-the-head-man, I’ve come to rescue you from Attractive Woman and her henchcroc.
    2) Guys, leave her! It’s _my_ turn now!

  20. Avatar dementedtheclown says:

    1) I Have Good News, I Just Saved A Bunch Of Money On Your Car Insurance By Switching To Geico.

    2) Your Getting A Little Too Happy With My Wife, Bubb

    3) Hey! Nice Shorts, We Must Have The Same Tailor.

  21. Avatar Gregg says:

    Hey, did anybody else take the brown acid?

  22. Avatar TopHat says:

    3- “Quit pushing! You’ll get to eat some of the villain after I’m done!”

  23. Avatar Bael says:

    Excuse Me! Coming through! Clear the men’s room! Taco Hell Emergency!!!

  24. Avatar Nanc says:

    “So you think you can dance? Not with my girl! And the same to you Smiley!”

  25. Avatar Nanc says:

    “Oh can’t you see that she’s mine? We’ve been together for a long long time, and yet they try so very hard to pull us apart. But we don’t care what they say – we’re gonna keep on lovin this way…”

  26. Avatar Nanc says:

    “Honey, you KNOW I love my Fight Club! I’ll get a ride home with one of the guys later!”

  27. Avatar EnderX says:

    “You weren’t kidding about the ‘killer’ halloween party favors at this place, were you?”

  28. Avatar Xstacy says:

    “Dosing the punch was NOT funny and NOT cool!

    Okay, maybe a little bit cool. I mean, wow, man. Can I get the number for your dealer?”

  29. Avatar kyle says:

    honey dear please stop staring at his banana and blueberries

  30. Avatar Mike says:

    1. Black light. Now blue light.

    2. Well excuuuuse me princess!

    3. Fist plus face equals brand new crocodile handbag! My mom is going to love this one.

  31. Avatar Patrick says:

    It’s true … no matter how they look, singers always get the girl!

  32. Avatar jake says:

    take my candy corn you son of a bitch

  33. Avatar JWMan says:

    1. SmileyMan?! If you think I’m gonna finish off these bad guys while you go fool around with Ms. Damsel there, you’ve got another thing comin'”

    2. Did you even check yourself out before you left the lair? Sober up man!

    3.Hey! Where do you think you’re taking her? I called dibs. Dude, Respect… the DIBS.

  34. Avatar Mad V says:

    1. why so serious
    2. your turn smiley
    3. im going to hit you into the next panel

  35. Avatar cavalier says:

    “One way or another, I shall win the Bad Costume Contest!”

  36. Avatar Aaron says:

    Hey!!!!You’re not Hugh Jackman!!!!!

  37. Avatar Matt says:

    1. “Take this PAC-MAN! I’ll munch pills in a dark” in MY own time!”

    2.”Question, why is a hooker, a crocodile man… thing and a man with a pumkin on his head robbing a bank?”

  38. Firecracker Firecracker says:

    1. Good Lord … are you a Rob Liefeld creation?

    2. I’ll show you … I can punch my way out of a paper bag!

  39. Avatar Frankie says:

    “Pow! Your mutant henchman goes down with one punch as I grab you by the collar, setting you up for Lady Diva to stare right through your soul, Dr. Yellowface.”

  40. Avatar Frankie says:

    “Why don’t you take this Scooby-Doo weregator ghost and chow down on some hamburgers, Jughead. Veronica’s my girl.”

  41. Avatar Frankie says:

    “Hey, ‘Sweetie’. Watch me beat down on these two goofs just because they are different from me. That will show you what kind of guy I am.”

  42. Avatar kyle says:

    first their was a gator henchmen wow pow.then there’s a hooker sleeping up right in the room (note to self call her later) And finally the master mined behind all this is
    Rob Liefeld wearing a horrible scooby-doo villain outfit.

  43. Blue Blazer Blue Blazer says:

    “Give me back my color combination!”

  44. Blue Blazer Blue Blazer says:

    “Now you must bear witness as my right leg inexplicably turns…ORANGE!”

  45. Blue Blazer Blue Blazer says:

    “Soylent Green is people!!!!”

  46. Avatar Fishpants says:

    1. Vulcan Nerve P–crap, that’s not it. Vulcan Nerve–crap. Vulcan–CRAP!

    2. Sir, I’ll keep these two busy while you get to the Screwdrivermobile and switch heads. Wait–remember, Frowny-Face Phillips! FROWNY-FACE PHILLIPS!

    3. Dammit, Frank! The lampshade doesn’t make you funny OR charming!

  47. Avatar remy says:

    Look, Just because one of my legs is significantly smaller than the other, does not mean you get to laugh at me! Stop smiling already!!!

  48. Avatar Hakoon1 says:

    1) Gimme your underwear!

  49. Avatar Hakoon1 says:

    2) Sorry to interrupt your dance, but can you tell me what the hell this thing behind me is?!