Random Panel: The high school geek mantra. Preach it!


(From ComicallyVintage.tumblr.com.)

13 Responses to Random Panel: The high school geek mantra. Preach it!

  1. Avatar dementedtheclown

    How Is An Extra Eye An Accident???

  2. This should be a caption contest!!!

  3. “You see I was walking along and I accidentally fell over, that accident gave me another eye! It’s simple really!”

  4. “Oh hey look over there,it’s new ki-HOLY CHRIST ON A STICK! WHERE THE HELL DID THAT EYE COME FROM?!


  5. maybe he’s saying his presence is an accident?

  6. He was given three wishes by a genie. The only problem is, the guy has a bad stutter. He started to speak but only managed ” I .. I … I” and that was the result. The genie just figured that he was really eager for that extra eye.

  7. or maybe it’s not an extra eye but he was playing pool one day, went for a trick shot, hit the eight ball too hard, it came flying off the cushion and the rest is history.

  8. “Eye, eye, eye, eye, Eye am the Frito Bandito!” Now I guess I’m showing my age 🙂

  9. He’s wearing contacts now. Wait till you see what his glasses look like.

  10. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    This kid REALLY can’t get away with staring at cleavage.

  11. It’s a spiritual thing, right? His third eye? I didn’t realize it was so literal… or so poorly placed!

  12. What kind of accident?

    Remember: “It’s always fun until somebody gains an eye!”

  13. Extra eye is ok, but extra eyebrow…it’s simply WRONG!