Random Panel: Witty banter fail


(Credit to ComicallyVintage.tumblr.com, who unfortunately doesn't have the original source listed.)

6 Responses to Random Panel: Witty banter fail

  1. Avatar dementedtheclown

    Best Nickname Ever!

  2. So, honey, I was thinking about a new pet name. How does Pussyface strike you?

  3. Thank-you, Penishead!

  4. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    I am officially going to start calling my wife Pussyface.

  5. “It’s good to be home, Dickhead.”

    The unhappiness in their marriage had festered to a point where even their attempts to be playful with nicknames had been debased.

    Uh, why does that passenger plane have Gatling guns (plural) under the wing?

  6. Wait… how do we know she ain’t one’a dem cat-people?