Random Panel: So far it’s just you, me, and Harry Balzac …


(Not sure where it's from, but I think that's "Red Arrow" maybe?)

11 Responses to Random Panel: So far it’s just you, me, and Harry Balzac …

  1. that’s speedy as Arsenal who then became The Red Arrow.

  2. and it’s probably one of the first or THE first issue of “the outsiders” cause he’s talkin/’ to nightwing

  3. Yeah, but would the team be called the Awesome 3some?

  4. That’s sure not who he LOOKS like he’s talkin’ to, JR …

  5. @Jeff: Maybe it doesn’t look so, but JR is right. It’s Speedy/Arsenal talking to Nightwing (Dick Grayson) about joining the Outsiders and it’s the first issue.

  6. Clearly, this is the team originally meant to star in the series Trinity.

  7. Yes, I am aware he’s talking to Dick Grayson, but that’s not funny. A man dressed like that and staring at his outthrust crotch while inviting it to join a team IS. Geez.

  8. uh i was just help to find jeffs source. i find it funnyas well. maybe red’s got short-man syndrome, hehe.

  9. We must be the only ones who think like that Jeff. My mind went to the same place yours did 🙂

  10. It’s Aresenal talking to Nightwing in the first Outsiders story arc “Looking for Trouble”.

  11. The problem with asking such a member to join the group is that it always wants to get ahead, so you have to keep a tight grip on it lest it get out of hand.