Caption Contest 59: Home … sweet? … home

Put on your Funny Cap boys and girls, because it's time for another edition of the HeroMachine Caption Contest! Come up with the funniest replacement dialog for this comic book panel and you'll win either any custom item you like or a caricature of your face to be included in the final version of HeroMachine 3!

This week we're going for something a little different. Instead of slavering heavily-muscled spittle-festooned uber-monsters firing all manner of projectile weapons, we have a pleasant little domestic scene:


Or is it? Who knows who's off panel speaking, or what he/she/it is saying? That's up to you! As usual, the rules are simple:

  1. Keep it clean, appropriate for a prime-time broadcast network program;
  2. Only three entries per person;
  3. All entries must be left as a comment to this post.

That's it! You have one week -- next Tuesday I'll announce the winner right here on this here spot on the intertubes.

Good luck everyone!