Random Panel: Alternate Universe TV, “Lois and Lex” edition


(From "Lois Lane" 65, copyright DC Comics, Inc. Hat tip to Chris' Invincible Super-Blog. And yes, that's Lois Lane and Lex Luthor.)

8 Responses to Random Panel: Alternate Universe TV, “Lois and Lex” edition

  1. Thanks to that dialogue (and I use the term loosely), I’m picturing some dude in a beret, fingersnapping and playing a set of bongos in the background.

  2. ….Oh god, this is like walking in on your mom and dad….sooooooo wrong!

  3. The inspiration for Smallville!

  4. That happenned? Eww. Heartbreaker. Serves Supes right for that wild time with Wonder Woman and Maxima. At least their team logo makes sense… but not the masks.

  5. 1). @ The Imp: I hear that, Daddy-O 🙂

    2). So let me get this straight, Superman is “square” and you two are making out wearing monogrammed helmets?

  6. This is the hidden down-side of evil. The part nobody tells you about before you start down the dark road…the part where you’re contractually obligated to talk like a hep cat and wear a monogram on your forehead. Yes, many a slide into evil could be halted if only more people would talk frankly about the harsh consequences of the lifestyle.

  7. Avatar ThatStrangeGirl

    Damn you Matt. You stole my idea.