Random Panel: Nope, he’s just happy to see you


(From "Amazing Man" number 6, 1939.)

14 Responses to Random Panel: Nope, he’s just happy to see you

  1. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    A submarine sandwich baby, with extra mayo for you!

  2. …what?

  3. I know, isn’t that random?!

  4. That is more random than random.com

  5. Now how many of us haven’t, on occasion, said that exact same thing?

    Really, I can’t even fathom how many times I have personally.

  6. That’s okay RSC5 just sit back and relax, the Doctor will see you soon.

  7. It’s a twelve-inch double meat club, baby!

  8. ….I know I I’ve said weirder things, but at that time, I was on a contact high….

  9. @Loki: What makes your comment particularly funny and relevant is how the artist here drew just her eyes and nose peeking over the bottom of the frame and the kind of intense look to her face. I think she might BE on a contact high!

    To be fair, the situation the panel’s from is, they’re trapped in the jungle and hungry, so she’s hoping that the group who’s coming up the trail is a) going to help them rather than shoot them and b) give them something to eat. It was just an oddly specific hope to be giving voice to in that situation, I thought.

  10. Let me get this strait, she knows they have guns but hope that they are sandwichs in her pocket?!? Also she hopes they are friendly?!? Who writes this?

  11. Avatar William A. Peterson

    Hint: The comic is from 1939, when standards were *even lower* than in Rob Liefeld’s day! :->

  12. Man, that’s the truth. Especially some of the back-up stories — man, the writing and the art are all just horrid.

    On the other hand, some of the primary story art is really nice, full of energy and draftsmanship you rarely find today.

    Mostly though it’s pretty bad.

  13. What I keep coming back to, nd it took ma a while to put a finger on it, is who keeps a sandwich in their pocket? A granola bar, or gum, maybe, but a sandwich?

  14. That is an excellent point, Bael.