Character Contest 11: The Black Terror

Imagine you're a comic book illustrator/creator/mad genius, and your boss gives you the kind of assignment you always dreamed of -- the company has acquired the rights to a classic character and they want you to be in charge of redesigning him! In the 1940's a dashing figure cut a swathe through the criminal comic book underworld, by the name of "The Black Terror". Your task is to update that character for a relaunch in the present day. You've got the name and you have access to past issues featuring his exploits, but how much or how little of his previous incarnation you keep is totally up to you. Your only mandate is that the name has to stay the same, "The Black Terror".

Are you imagining that? Well good, because that's the challenge for this week! Come up with the best character reimagining around the name "The Black Terror" to win. This week I'll be judging entries not just on their visual appeal but also on the overall concept behind your retcon; there's more to super-heroes than just the outfits, after all. If you want to bone up on his previous exploits, you can find past issues at "Golden Age Comics", although really that's up to you.

Otherwise the rules are the same as every week:

  1. All entries must be left as links to an image file hosted somewhere on the internet (ImageShack, PicasaWeb, UGO Forums, whatever) in the comments to this post;
    You must use some version of HeroMachine;
  2. No manipulation by outside programs like PhotoShop except for basic cropping and the like;
  3. The contest will run from now until next Tuesday.

Good luck everyone! I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

106 Responses to Character Contest 11: The Black Terror

  1. Timespike says:

    Boy, Jeff, this is a tough one. I googled this fellow, and I gotta say, The Black Terror’s original costume ages pretty well into the modern day – I’d go so far as to call it iconic. That makes it more of a challenge, I suppose, but it’s going to be hard to improve on that…

  2. The Imp says:

    Yeah, I agree with Timespike; that’s a tough one.

    Oh, the download links in the Golden Age Comics site don’t seem to contain files that are recognizable by my computer…

  3. Ky2030 says:

    Damn whats rob liefeld impression

  4. Timespike says:

    That would be EASY by comparison. I could whip out a Liefeldian character in no time flat. I don’t WANT to, but I could…

  5. Nate says:

    i think i may have made a similar suggestion a while ago, ky. could be wrong though, i have the memory of someone many years older than me

  6. Ky2030 says:

    But could you imagine poor Jeff having to sort through all the Liefeld impression he would probably stab his eyes out

  7. Nate says:

    i for one, think a liefield lookalike would be an awesome contest and one that i would not think twice about entering

  8. Jeff Hebert says:

    I still very much might do that Liefeld contest!

    If you guys think The Black Terror is too hard to reimagine, I could add another option, like The Green Llama or something.

    To see the comics images you have to download the viewer app from their site, it’s free.

  9. RSC5 says:

    I like The Black Terror. You can go more ways with it, I think.

    Than Green Llama, that is.

  10. Timespike says:

    Oh, don’t get me wrong – I like a challenge. But this definitely is one!

  11. chase says:

    I just edited one of my last characters I don’t know if it matches Black Terrors style though.

  12. The Imp says:

    David Benton was a chemist and forensics investigator with the San Francisco PD. He had begun trial runs on a chemical that, when applied to the skin, granted temporary powers including heightened senses and the ability to grow dim, not invisibility exactly, but more of a fading in one’s perception – people seemed just not to notice you unless you did something outrageous, like taking a punch at them.

    While analyzing a crime scene in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Benton accidently knocked over and broke an ancient vase… a vase that contained something incredibly ancient and incredibly evil. This entity had the appearance of a black mist, which sank into Benton’s body.

    At first everything seemed normal, but after a few days, he started noticing changes in his behavior and emotions – he was growing more cold and calculated. And stranger yet, the chemical agent he’d invented (of which there was residue on his skin at the time of the ‘accident’) now seemed to be a permanent fixture. He no longer needed to apply the chemical and could utilize its powers at will.

    Eventually, Benton reached a kind of truce with the entity inhabiting him, and became the Black Terror, a masked vigilante. He was brutal and efficient, murdering when necessary (in part to appease the entity). But his life became a constant struggle between the ‘real’ Benton and the shadow creature that lived inside him…

    The Black Terror:

  13. Whit says:

    I have a great idea but HM3a has locked up twice on me so far.

  14. Danny Beaty says:

    Redesign The Black Terror. Cool.

  15. Whit says:

    I am experiencing a HUGE delay with the Insignia slot. It’s not happening with any other slot. I can put up one Insignia okay, but when I try to add multiples, there is a huge lag–at least 30 seconds–before it responds.

  16. RitoruBushi says:

    I did what I could, but at this point all I can see is a “differently colored” Punisher with a conscience.

  17. Kaldath says:

    Jason Benton grew up listening to his grandfather Bob Benton tell stories of the costumed crime fighter known as the Black Terror never realizing that the old man was the self same costumed crime fighter. Jason Learned his Grandfathers secret after his death. The Then high school senior was tasked by his parents to clean out the attic of his grandfathers home in as the place was being sold. Stumbling on a small secret compartment Jason found the costume his Grandfather wore as the Black Terror.

    Not only did Jason find the costume he also found the formula his grandfather used to get his powers. Intrigued by his discovery Jason secreted away the costume and formula hiding them from his parents. Years went by and inspired by his find and the truth about his grandfather Jason became a chemist and finally not only reproducing but improving upon the formic ether stabilizing it and in so doing has donned his own costume based on his grandfather and has taken up the Mantle of the Black Terror.

  18. Danny Beaty says:

    Here is my version of The Black Terror:

  19. Hammerknight says:

    Thanks for the link to that site.

  20. Hammerknight says:

    It would be nice to have a link page here for links like that.

  21. Rendu says:

    Just a footnote: The Black Terror was updated, by Alan Moore, in his Terra Obscura series, although they just call him The Terror now. (Not to be confused with the geriatric villain from The Tick!)

  22. Hammerknight says:

    The Black Terror remake. Or should I say update. I went with the Mech Suit for this one. He is older now and still fighting crime, but with a little help from the suit. It acts as his muscles and for life support. It makes him feel as young as his when he first put on the costume.

  23. Eric says:

    Black. Terrifying. Does it need anything else?

  24. Steve says:

    @ Jeff: If people think Black Terror or Green Llama are too hard to reimagine…why not just open it up to any character from that comic? Masquerade, Devil, The Flame, etc….all would be decent reinterpretations….also, Liefeld contest would be awesome….if you could handle the judging without going mad….

  25. John says:

    “Lama,” not “Llama.”

    He prays before delivering his crushing Buddha Fist of Justice. He does not spit upon the objects of his retribution.

    Meditate. Not expectorate.

  26. darkvatican says:

    I think this contest is going to have some very interesting entries, Jeff, and I LOVE golden age characters, personally. Good pick!

  27. Timespike says:

    Okay, this has gone on WAY too long without anyone posting any entries. I’ll start off with my top 3 out of the 7 designs I have so far:

  28. Timespike says:

    Yikes! I guess a bunch of people had posted entries and they were just queued up waiting for Jeff to approve ’em! *sheepish grin*

  29. The Doomed Pixel says:

    The Black Terror, after many years of hiding, has come back once again! With new, better formic ethers on his belt, he is once again ready to fight modern crime! He’s updated his look, too; you have to remain with the times, after all! Nobody will forget his face now!

  30. William A. Peterson says:

    Okay, Jeff, let me get this right…
    You want me to take on *Alex Ross* in an artwork competition?
    And, you do know he’s got the rights, and has been publishing this character for over a year, right? {Eeek!}

  31. Jeff Hebert says:

    He did? Wow … no clue on that.

  32. RSC5 says:

    Uh, Jeff…legalities taken into consideration…

    I bail!

  33. Timespike says:

    Oh, and guys, even though he’s in production, The Black Terror is in the public domain according to this website:

    So no worries. This would be like re-inventing any other public domain character – a mythological figure, for example.

  34. Danny Beaty says:

    Here’s a better, hassle-free pic of my version of The Black Terror:

  35. RSC5 says:

    @Timespike: Ah, ok! I see. “Your learning to read will do wonders for my time management.” I love Warren Ellis.

  36. Hammerknight says:

    Hasn’t Alex Ross done every comic character?

  37. Zorbas The Awesome says:

    Here it is i didnt do much though

  38. Matt says:

    Instead of doing another suit (to be truthful, my idea looked too much like The Doom Pixels) I decided to create a giant mech for him…
    If you look at his chest you can see how big the mech-suit is.

  39. berserker says:
    here is my recreation
    strikes much more terror into someone

  40. berserker says:

    @eric yours kinda looks like the char from the video for land of confusion

  41. Timespike says:

    Okay, now that the designs are posted, here they are again, this time with some story (and a couple more from the stack)

    This design assumes the Original Black Terror is still at it, and that his crimefighting identity has become important enough to him that he has gotten his emblem tattooed on his chest, as you can see through the rips in the costume.

    This design assumes the original gimmick for the Black Terror has some unwanted side effects, is no longer working, or that the mantle has been handed off. The costume is a suit of powered armor, designed to sneak and intimidate rather than flying at supersonic speeds and crushing things the size of mountains. It ramps the wearer up to the high end of The Black Terror’s power continuum and grants the usual useful abilities like air filtering, nightvision, and body armor. It does not, however, have any built in weapons systems, relying instead on the wearer’s own combat prowess.

    This design is based on the idea that eventually the chemical nature of The Black Terror’s powers had some unwanted side effects – specifically death, though it didn’t take. While dead for several minutes, the Black Terror contacted a nameless supernatural entity of justice and fear. When he came to, his powers were… …different. He’s still got the super-strength/invulnerability suite, but he’s also able to punish evildoers with vicious otherworldly energy, project fearsome illusions, and even summon the spirit for a time.

    These entries also assumed the hero dies briefly, but this time from violence, or rather, the wounds from it on a hospital operating table. The conflict that briefly robbed him of life also cost him his arm – the rest of the story is identical to the previous entry. The first version sees the missing arm replaced with cybernetics, the second, it compensated for with supernatural force.

    This final one assumes a new Black Terror – a descendant or former sidekick, more than likely, who is just getting started. The costume isn’t polished, and he’s relying on a combat shotgun for some extra oomph.

  42. hofter says:

    hey anyone missed me?? im back into the blog.
    i hope u like my version of black terror,…
    some story/background/powers:
    as a chemist when he drink a potion he created in order to get super human strengt and invulnerability (not as powerful as superman), but it will last just for some period of time, then he will become normal again.

    his weapons:
    when fighting hand-on-hand he uses a katana
    he loves to fight with a chain which has some magic/smart/technology in it (on a prequel comic it will be explained how he got it and all the β€œmagical” properties it has).
    he stole a new shotgun prototype from the police department.

    Target audience: early teens.

    he is usually a good guy but sometimes he commit minor crimes in order to achieve a better good.


  43. JR says:

    THE Black Terror!
    Powers: super strength, ghost phasing, flight,near invisiblity, magical powers and near invulnerability.
    Target Audience: Magic Lovers and teen-mature audiences.

  44. Dan says:

    The Black Terror: A genetically-enhanced secret agent from an alternate history in which WW2 never happened. Trained by the Soviet Union, in this universe comprised mostly of Russia and China, and more like North Korea in politics and economy, he was sent to the US to fight a Nazi-funded resurgent KKK terrorist organisation. When a far-right politician is elected president, the USSR orders its agents to engage civilian targets to create a climate of fear in preparation for a full-scale invasion. Having been exposed to Anarchist ideals whilst fighting the KKK, our intrepid hero refuses and is declared a rogue agent. Hunted by both sides, can he manage to stop the rise of the Fascists, save his adopted home country from Stalinist invasion and inspire the world to launch an anarchist revolution before his reputation and his enemies catch up to him? Find out next time, in The Black Terror: Enemy of the State!

  45. collex says:

    Awesome theme Jeff! I’ll try to find the time to do s9omething this weekend.

  46. Dan says:

    Okay, I think my Black Terror looks better with a background, and yes it was done in Heromachine:

  47. Whit says:

    Jessica Ross, a computer hacker and a black belt in judo, was apprehended after she broke one of the CIA’s toughest encryptions. They offered her an intriguing deal: plead innocent and face potential life in prison, or plead guilty and come into their employ for life. The latter would stretch her mentally and physically, and she didn’t really care who her employer was. So she was assigned the identity The Black Terror. Her mission: to infiltrate the most vicious high-tech criminal organisations, protecting the public’s and the government’s interest.

  48. Whit says:

    Ack! I’m going to have to re-create that Jessica Ross character and resubmit it–I mislayered the left knee.

  49. William A. Peterson says:

    He did! {Remember, Wiki is your friend!}

  50. William A. Peterson says:

    Ooops! Sorry, just noticed the part about it all being in Public Domain…
    I’ve been buying the comic, but never thought to check the copyright!

  51. darkvatican says:

    Bob Benton is dead. The incident which claimed Benton’s life all those years ago also broke Roland’s spirit, although he was largely unharmed. When he tried to resume his work as the remaining Terror Twin, he found that he simply couldn’t do it anymore. After a third attempt at crimefighting on his own, Roland was forced to choose between his own life and that of an innocent. He chose to live, dooming the other to death. Even after apprehending the criminal, Tim knew it was over. He would not – could not – wear his mask anymore. That day marked the end of the Black Terror and of the Terror Twins, as a whole.
    15 years later, a crime surge in the surrounding cities caused Tim to take an apprentice whom he taught to fight crime. Tim, who had gone on to become one of the US’ foremost biologists and chemists, had discovered a new formula based on his old partner’s previous one. The new formula not only enhanced the user’s physical abilities, but it also endowed them with inhuman regenerative capabilites and nearly limitless stamina. Using this new toxin on his young protoge’, Tim hoped to give the world an new Black Terror. What he gave to the world instead, was a man drunk with power and greed, whose skills and training coupled with his new powers to make him almost unstoppable. After seeing his apprentice turn his intentions to the use of evil, Tim once more put on his mask. The only store of the toxin had been used to give his apprentice his powers, so Roland was forced to use the old serum to try and combat the evil he had ushered into the world. Experience and determination proved true, but the victory was costly. It is why Tim Roland is now bound to a wheelchair. After his tragic mistake, Tim vowed to never again have anything to do with the world and it’s problems.
    Another 25 years passed and Tim was an old man, now retired from the pharmaceutical industry. In his retirement, he had taken interest in psychic phenomena, as a way of dealing with the guilt over his past. He met with mediums and experts from all around the world, all so he could try and meet with the spirit of his old friend, Bob Benton. During the last visit he had with such an individual(a Hindu monk), he explained his desires to the man. The monk became very solemn and grave, as Roland explained his wishes. The monk informed him that communing with the dead always came at a very high cost. A cost which no amount of money could ever pay. The cost was one’s soul, which would be stolen away bit by bit every moment one was in concert w/the spirit. Tim accepted the risk and so the monk began a seance, attempting to call out to and summon the spirit of Bob Benton.
    When the spirit began to materialize, Roland began to exclaim that it was not his friend’s spirit that he saw, but that it was a demon of some sort. Before the words could escape his lips, the spirit plunged the seance into darkness and stole into Roland’s body. Inside the eye of Tim’s mind, the spirit introduced itself to Roland as all that was left of Bob Benton. Bob had been summoned before, you see, and a large portion of his soul had been used to fuel an infernal flame that now burned in the hearth of a wizard. Bereft of most of his humanity & willpower, the remainder of Bob’s soul had been transformed into what Roland now saw w/his mind’s eye. Bob Benton, the Black Terror, had become a creature of shadow & death. The other portion of his soul held the remainder of his humanity and w/out it, he would never be able to rest. As one, Tim and Bob left the monk’s secluded home and went in search of the rest of Bob’s soul. After years of searching, with Tim’s mind & soul almost completely consumed by the inhabiting spirit, they arrived at the dark sorceror’s abode. Using the last phial of Roland’s perfected serum to reignite the abilities he still possessed, Tim broke into the magic-user’s lair and did battle with him for possession of Bob’s soul. Roland eventually bested the sorceror and had him at his mercy. Roland chained the wizard and then approached the pit wherein the infernal flames raged. The spirit had explained to ROland that the only way he could reunite the two halves of his (Benton’s) spirit was to cast himself into the flames. W/out a second thought, Roland flung himself into the flames. The fires which raged around Roland’s body leaving him unscathed, at first. After a split second though, the flames immediately began to burn his flesh and ignite his hair and clothing. Through his own screams, the eye of Tim’s mind could see the horrific vision of Bob’s dark side being joined by the almost angelic appearance of his other half, who looked saddened and grave. As the two became one, Roland felt the flames cool, right before succumbing to the flames. The dark portion of Benton’s spirit had tricked Roland, you see. He had not only sought the restoration of himself, but resurrection from the grave.
    Bob Benton, restored to the physical world through the restoration of his spirit and the sacrifice of his greatest friend’s life, was alive once more. His time in the underworld had changed him. His spirit was forever scarred at the deeds performed by his dark side. He had tricked his friend into killing himself, just so he could return. The shame of his deed did not quell the warrior spirit in Benton, though. He resolved to make Roland’s sacrifice mean something, by once again taking on the persona of The Black Terror.
    As a spirit being, Benton now had powers from beyond the grave. Despite his physical body’s limitations, he could fly and manipulate the eldritch energies of the netherworld. His body was created using the body of Roland’s while it had been infused with the serum he’d created, and as such, he had superhuman strength, invulnerability, agility, stamina, speed, and regenerative abilities. His time spent in the spirit world allowed Benton to see other spirits and anything of a magical or supernatural nature, as well as normal human sight.
    The first person to feel the wrath of the returned Black Terror was the wizard, who managed to free himself and had begun casting a spell at Benton. Benton waded through the spell of unlife which was cast at him. It had no effect for he was not truly a living creature. As his cold hand closed vice-like around the wizard’s mouth, Benton could feel the man’s soul as much as he could feel his flesh. With a jerk of his hand, Benton could feel the man’s soul begin to give way and separate from his body. As the man realized was was happening, his eyes widened as his faced paled. He had known who it was he had held trapped for so many years, but it was only now that he truly came face to face with….The BlacK TerroR!!!

    Main Pic –
    Closeup Pic –

    I know the story is kinda long, but that’s just how I write. Sorry!

  52. Jim says:

    Tara Black was a world renowned paranormal investigator. One day she was investigating a location that was said to be haunted, when all of a sudden she was struck by a supernatural force. Tara woke up three days later only to find that could levitate, fly and turn herself invisible. After much thought Tara decided that she would use her new supernatural powers to scare some justice into the criminal underworld. She would no longer be Tara Black, but instead become The Black Terror!

  53. RJ mcd says:

    jeff because of ugos password rule i can;t see any of the pics posted on the ugos site

  54. Jeff Hebert says:

    @RJ: That’s correct, you’ll need to sign up for a UGO Forums account to see those.

  55. Niall Mor says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Here are two versions of The Black Terror:

    Bring back the caption contest! I’m better at snarky dialogue than I am at character design! πŸ™‚

  56. Almost Insane says:

    Hey Jeff,

    My entry

    Story:The passage of time is something all humans fear, save for the young people who seem to hold the belief that they will remain that young forever. But this dreaded aging process is even worse if you were once a superhero. Not only does your truth fade, but your powers also, trickling away with the sand in the hourglass. Bob Benton pondered this as he sat in his rocking chair, facing the deep vermillion of the fading sun. As he brooded a single tear made its way down his cheek.And that’s when he uttered those 10 words that would change everything. ”I’d sell my soul for the return of my youth”


    Darkness.Nothing but Darkness. Until the figure, the form began to approach. Bob could feel it’s warmth, and it was not a comforting heat. When the hooded figure approached him and reached out with its gloved hand, he recoiled. When the it touched his hand his whole body began to sear. A sultry heat cascaded over him and made him jump away from the hooded thing. But when he looked down as his hand his mouth formed an ”O” in pure shock and amazement. No wrinkles, no protruding vains, these were the hands of someone is there mid twenties. He was even more shocked at what he saw when the hooded thing opened its coat to reveal a large mirror.
    It was the face of a much younger man, also wrinkle free and with soft yet defined features.

    Suddenly the creature pointed to Bob’s hand and when Bob looked he received his final surprise. A large orb of power surrounded it. He had received some new mysterious power. The shock of this sight woke him up


    The rest of this story could only be pieced together from police reports. Several criminals attacked by a man with a large black trenchcoat and a black shirt baring the visage of a skull. They claimed he used some kind of strange magic. He would call it ”The plague”. Very few victims left surviving. Those that did were lucky if they came out with 2 limbs left. This power seemed to have to power to disentigrate flesh and other materials to dust. However it seemed that everytime the attacker used it, he would slowly disentigrate too. So far he has been reported to have lost his nose, an eye and the majority of his right and other eye. They say he also likes to wield a powerful revolver. And his eye. His remaining eye glows bright red. Like the eyes of a demon they would say

    Like the eyes of a demon…..


    {Fun Fact: The cover is an homage to the pulp fiction magazines from the 50’s}

  57. Mr. Q says:

    Hope this works. It’s the first time I’m posting from an ImageShack site. I am posting two variations of my Black Terror remake. The first three pin ups are of a version that is a grindhouse take on the character. I was inspired after seeing the Machete fake trailer. Danny Trejo rocks.

    I used the masking option and faded the skull & crossbones to make it look more tattoo and less insignia.

    The other version is a dark magic version of Black Terror. I was fooling around with HM3 and was on a roll with the multiple features. I even made henchmen monsters with the companions and used some add-ons to enhance them. My one problem is that I still haven’t figured out how to make backgrounds. Can anyone help me out on this?

    Mr. Q

  58. The Doomed Pixel says:

    My second, much more detailed idea for The Black Terror.

  59. Isia says:

    I didn’t think I wanted to enter this contest because, hey, I have no idea who Black Terror is (I know, blasphemy). But being the eternal optimist, I thought I would give it a try. So here is my first entry.

  60. Isia says:

    Another entry. Elonia, the original Black Terror’s daughter, following in her father’s footsteps.

  61. Niall Mor says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Here’s another attempt at the Black Terror in his Golden Age persona:

  62. Ian says:

    The New Terror Twins by Ian Thomas Healy

    After the original Black Terror, Bob Benton, retired, his junior partner Tim Roland took on the mantle. Roland fought crime until he retired in 1964 and married his high school sweetheart. Edith Roland was born to them in 1967. In 1989, she married longtime family friend William Benton, the grandson of Bob Benton. Edith gave birth to fraternal twins Tim and Roberta. Tim and Robert were fascinated with the heroic histories of their grandfather and great-grandfather, and delved into the secret of formic ethers. Their bodies were well-attuned to the mysterious chemicals and they discovered their own powers. The brother and sister decided to pay homage to their ancestors as the New Terror Twins. They each go by The Black Terror and battle crime as equal partners.

    The Black Terror (brother Tim)
    The Black Terror (sister Roberta)

  63. darkvatican says:

    @Ian: your New Terror Twins are awesome – especially sister Roberta! That pose is absolutely killer!

  64. Darth_Neko says:

    Here is mine Guys, I had to post it on My deviant art page because Ugo is acting poorly with me!

    I envisioned The Black Terror as a supervillian with the powers over magic and darkness manipulation.

  65. Fabien says:

    @ Martian Blue : How you create the hood ?

  66. MartianBlue says:

    @Fabien w/ style. lol.
    A Mask Mixed w/ four dress bottoms and 1 square insignia.
    I used…
    (1)Headgear – Mask – Page 1 – Line 1 – #4
    (4)Legwear – Male Standard – Page 4 – Line 1 – #1
    (1)Insignia – Square
    mask for base, dress 1 shrink to size and place under eyes for bottom portion of hood, dress 2 and 3 angle and place behind mask on either side, insignia cover dress tie(top), dress 4 mask to insignia, flip upside down, and line it up with dress 1.
    Hope that helps.

  67. Fabien says:

    What if : Black Terror is an afro american vigilante.

  68. Niall Mor says:

    Some of these are REALLY impressive. I just use HeroMachine to draw pictures of guys in tights–but you guys are using it to make real art. πŸ™‚

  69. DarkGreymon says:

    This is my submission for The Black Terror. Hope you like it!

  70. HecNukem says:

    Here’s my attempt

    His name is Robert Benton, a retired FBI agent who is tired of the corruption of his city. One day he takes it upon himself to stop some smugglers from transporting an experimental drug in the city. When he accidentally ingests the drug he becomes The Black Terror. He now has superhuman abilities and can discharge energy from his hands

  71. firecracker says:

    I don’t think I could improve on the stories some of you have written … so I won’t! But here are my takes on the Black Terror.

  72. Haydnc95 says:

    HEEEEY!! i thought we wernt aloud to make costumes of already made characters, copyright n stuff ¬¬

  73. rancid says:

    black terror is a public domain character

  74. darkvatican says:

    Hey, Jeff, is there any way we could get back on a sun-sun schedule for the contests? Like, have one contest(maybe even the next one{hint hint}) only run for five days and end on the following sunday. All this waiting til tuesday really throwes me off. lol

  75. Jeff Hebert says:

    @darkvatican: Did we used to be on a Sunday schedule? I can’t remember. The problem with that is, I like having Sunday off πŸ™‚

  76. darkvatican says:

    Well, that’s what I seem to remember, at least. I could be wrong, of course. That happens all too often, and that’s the sad truth. But I totally understand liking to be off on sundays. πŸ˜› I didn’t even think about that, because I work sundays all the time. (lol) You can forget I mentioned it.

  77. Mr.Vampire says:

    Was going to do two but a bit lazy this week so here’s one.
    The Black Terror reincarnated as The Black Terrier.

  78. Steve says:

    My 2nd Black Terror, but a compilation of characteristics of The Black Terror, The Death-Defying Devil, The Green Lama, and The Flame…. To creat the new and improved Black Terror!

  79. Brons says:

    Okay, their all fairly simple, but that tyends to be my style. First, I tried “re-imagining” what the name “The Black Terror” suggests in the 21st Century. I didn’t want to go too overboard in the “terrorist” meme, so I came up with this:

    Then I decided to see what I could do in just building the original character in HM3, and came up with this:

    He’s a little stiff, but I was pleased with how close a job you can do with an existing character. Having done that, I decided to try my hand at merely updating the original Terror to a more modern aesthetic. The one major change that came to mind was to give him a mask that obscured his identity instead of the teeny domino of the original.

    The result, keeping to the clean and simple look that I favor was this:

    Not sure they’ll make anyone go “Wow!” but I had fun and they came out pretty much the way I imagined them.


  80. darkvatican says:

    @Brons: I like the simplicity of your designs, man. It’s something I really like about Golden Age characters, in general – their costumes weren’t nearly as busy as the more modern characters.(in general, although there were exceptions) One thing I would suggest: use the pair of actual legs in the body slot for the pose you used in the lastter two pics. The “matching” legging are all kinds of jacked up.

  81. MartianBlue says:

    I’m not going to name anyone inparticular so not to influence anyone’s opinion, but I will say that I have seen three seperate entries(3 different people) who’s designs have been simply awsome. This has been a very popular subject, good job so far everyone

  82. Brons says:

    @darkvatican: Thank you. This was the first time that I’ve used the pre-posed legs. I’m not entirely satisfied with them, but I wanted to try them out. I’m still trying to find the limits and nuances of HM3. It’s unexpectedly powerful. I hadn’t expected it toi be possible to do some of what I’ve seen others do or have managed myself.

    Thanks for your kind words, too.


  83. Andre says:

    Rasheeda Davis grew up as an orphan and joined a street gang at a young age. As she got older she made her way up threw the gang and became the leader. She saw the negative impact it had on her community and people and then began using it as a vigilante group. She was like a modern inner city robin hood. You loved her or hated her..most people definately feared her though..she became known as “the black terror”

  84. D says:

    Here’s my take on the Black Terror:

    The suit’s supposed to look like it has moving parts, including a panel on the right arm that flips up and folds in, revealing a cannon that slides down.

    Its colours were inspired by Alex Ross’ version.

  85. Artfuldodger says:

    Got two entries for this one. For the first one, I decided to keep it simple, working under the principle that a guy named “The Black Terror” isn’t exactly going to be seen helping old ladies across the road. For the second, I simply made the original costume a little snazzier while keeping the campyness intact.

    Also, I was intending to post an entry I made for the “It’s elemental” competition, but I didn’t get around to it. But I’m posting it regardless because I’m particularly proud of it. The “Aspect of Water”;

  86. MartianBlue says:

    @Artfuldodger, Your “Aspect of Water” is a very cool looking characetr! Everything just seems to fit, thanks for posting it. I would’ve never thought of using the squid like that.