Random Panel: Worst. Tackle. Ever.


(From "Kid Eternity" number 2, 1946.)

13 Responses to Random Panel: Worst. Tackle. Ever.

  1. The script writer of Hancock must have had this in mind.

  2. I rectum I’ve got him.

  3. Danny Beaty

    A Golden Age colonoscopy.

  4. Oh.My.God.

    Get that man some industrial strength Preparation H, stat!

  5. darkvatican

    “But he won’t get very far… WITH MY HEAD UP HIS SPHINCTER!!!”

    Ah, the minds of heroes… such dark and disturbing places they be…

  6. oh god…what have Super-humans done to themselves?

  7. So this is what they meant by all that licking…

  8. So would this tackle be classed head high or head low….

    He just headbutted him

  9. HAH!! “Headbutt”…!

  10. More like attempted anal-oral intercourse

  11. Danny Beaty

    Conjoined twins.

  12. what a kiss-ass…

  13. Free Prostate Check anyone??