Hammerknight’s Recipes, Vol. 1

(Hi everyone! Damien here. Hammerknight is going to be doing a bit of this from now on, and this is his first post! These are some of the how-to's he's been posting on the forums, and he'll be joining me on my Saturday post this week also. After that, you'll be seeing brand-new stuff, and like me, he's always ready to do requests. So give HK a big warm welcome!









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  1. Hope everyone can get some use out of these and like Damein said if there is anything that I can do for you just let me know. Request are always fun. Thanks Hammerknight.

  2. Avatar CrinoldCrinold

    These things are really helpfull.

    There is but one problem. For the rotation I would suggest you use degrees instead of percentages. For example, if you say the rotation factor is 10% some might think you mean to fill in 10 degrees while 10% really stands for 36 degrees.

    To avoid this problem you should make clear now what you mean with the 10%.

  3. HK,

    Where do all the pieces for the lion head go? I can only see one page is there supposed to be more?

  4. I believe he did mean degrees.

  5. It is degrees. And here is what the head looks like done.
    I’ll redo that recipe and add the finish picture to it.

  6. Good stuff!

  7. @CrinoldCrinold as you said I did use the percent sign on the first page, but I did leave it off of the other pages.

  8. If you see a mistake let me Know. Good comments and bad comments are welcome, that way I will know what I need to do to make things better. I’m here to help anyway that I can.

  9. Thanks HK,

    Waht is the circle for?

  10. I think you did a good job, but I dislike the font. It’s fuzzy which makes it hard to read (at least on my computer). You might try a different font or size next time.

  11. It’s the program I did it on. I started using a new program last night so everything should get better.

  12. The circle is used for cover up. You put the top of it right under his nose on top of the face, and change the line color to white(or what ever color will match your background. The other stuff layer on top of it. The Square goes under the mouth to fill in. I’m making symbols right now that will help out. Bare with me I’m working on things.

  13. Hey HK congrats, but do u know when Jeff will work on items again

  14. Jeff is still working out bugs in the code. He said he’d be doing that until the major fixes were done, and after that he’d be going back to items. So don’t worry! I know he’ll get them done ASAP so he can get back to drawing.

  15. Thanks Damien

  16. With time comes all things nice.

  17. Okay does anybody here remember if there was a Charlie’s Angels comic book? For some reason I’m thinking there was.

  18. Yeah, it was a British one.

  19. Nice Job. Keep these up.

  20. ETA on starting new items is probably Monday. Like I said last week, I was going to take about a week to try and work on the Load/Save layer stuff and the Save as JPG/PNG stuff.

    And now back to your regularly scheduled Hammerknighting.

  21. Hey, nice work there, HK, especially the tip on the sitting pose. I’ll agree about the font though; pick something easier to read! 😀

  22. Very usefull chef Hammer.

  23. The sitting pose is also good for the standard martial arts horse stance