Random Panel: Super-heroes on PBS


(From "Thrilling Comics" number 14, 1941.)

6 Responses to Random Panel: Super-heroes on PBS

  1. That guy was board to sleep.

  2. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    It’s “Culture Club”, dude. Get it right. And why are you beating up Boy George’s agent again?

  3. Wak-jobs aside, that has got to be grammatically incorrect.

  4. Something tells me grammar is not exactly his strong suit…

  5. This is just all wrong. Not only has this guy got a hate on for Boy George, but he’s grossly unfamiliar with anachronistic pop-culture. I mean, he gets Culture Club wrong, and he’s actually attacking Ah-Ha’s agent! Just the poor guy couldn’t get the whole band name out before… Well, y’know.

  6. So true. When greenie said “Take on me” , red understood “take me on”, and next thing you know there’s extreme backyard wrestling….