Random Panel: Low moments in side-kickery


(From "Exciting Comics" number 20, 1942.)

6 Responses to Random Panel: Low moments in side-kickery

  1. Avatar Dan Gonzalez says:

    What’s with the random hair on the top of the panel?

    And what kind of vehicle is that? A pick-up truck with a bed in front and back? Where is the engine?

  2. Avatar Jeff Hebert says:

    I think the hair’s a bust-out from the panel above this one. Or he’s getting thrown from the moving vehicle — this was cropped from a larger panel. I think that’s actually TWO trucks, one in front of the other — perhaps not my best cropping job ever 🙂

  3. Avatar DJ says:

    Hey Jeff! It just dinged on me who that is.


    Since a lot of Nedors licenses (if not all) are now public domain this guy is doing a reboot of the series. It’s really neat so far.

  4. Avatar Niall Mor says:

    I kinda like the costume, but he ruins the whole macho superhero vibe with that “Wait for baby!” line 🙂

  5. Avatar Jose Inoa says:

    Waitaminnit…. His codename’s not “Baby”?

  6. Avatar Frankie says:

    Skull and Bones Baby, that is. Sidekick to that hillbilly hick, Country Cousin. Watch as they race to the rescue as malicious toupes brought to life by atomic force waves, berate ordinary wigs.