HM3: Ranged update

With thanks to Violodion for pointing out the problem, I have updated the ItemRightRanged set by making the patterns and masks align properly in the HeroMachine 3 Alpha. As always, holler if the fix broke something else.

15 Responses to HM3: Ranged update

  1. Eric says:

    Holes in rope items are still patterned.

  2. Eric says:

    Holes in rope items, the modern looking bows on the first page, the second blade shuriken, and the slingshot are still patterned.

  3. Dan Gonzalez says:

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t the right place for this, but I don’t want it buried in the weeks-old save topic.

    1) I bet you’re aware of this but when you save it messes up all the layering. I don’t know if it defaults to standard layers or what, but when I load a saved char I have to relayer a lot of things.

    2) The save as PNG and JPG is acting funny. I used it a couple of weeks ago and it worked great. Now when I try it I get a really small version crammed in the corner of a really large image with a lot of wasted white space. Any ideas?

  4. Jeff Hebert says:

    @Eric: I’ll take a look but I don’t know why it’s doing that. The actual object doesn’t have anything in there. I think maybe the shape of the curve is confusing the masking algorithm and I don’t have any way to fix it without redrawing the items. Which might have to happen.

    @Dan: Yes, I’m aware of the layering problem. It’s on the to be fixed list.

    With the crammed-up character, have you used the “all items” scale or rotate feature? Someone reported that might be what’s causing it although I haven’t tested that yet. He said if he used that at all, at any point, the save turned out like you describe. If he reloaded the character and app, and didn’t use the “all items” rotation specifically, it was fine.

  5. The Imp says:

    Jeff, did you see my bug report in the previous Ranged posting?

  6. Skiriki says:

    Hey, can you add the basic chakram from HM2.5, it is in Left Hand -> Blades ..?

  7. Jeff Hebert says:

    I’m losing track Imp, which one?

  8. The Imp says:

    The bat-bow didn’t seem to mask correctly – it looks like the blade part of it is growing out of the character’s wrist (and I double-checked the layering, but that wasn’t it). Also, on hand:right, the first page, third row, third hand, doesn’t seem to want to mask anything.

  9. violodion says:

    Yea! Glad the pattern alignment worked out.

    As time permits, the transparent ‘holes’ on a few persist:

    It might be something about the flatness setting, needing more/less points, and/or the object mask complexity.

    (Unsure if this is what Eric, post #1/#2 is saying. Not seeing the effect on bows or shuriken as that post alludes — just the five items in the above image.)

    @Dan, post #3: While I don’t use Rotate All or Scale All, I do use Nudge on all items frequently. Don’t consider it much a problem. The “white space” is transparent, and a quick trip to a reasonable paint program can trim it from “2000 x 2000”-ish size to what is desired.

    Don’t overlook that “Load”-ed characters from a Save lose the ‘Multiple’ setting. If Multiple is re-selected on each category all is good, can be woe if not.

  10. Jeff Hebert says:

    Ah. What you’re talking about is really the masking on the hand. If you want the wrist guard (that triangular thing)to be behind the forearm/wrist you’re going to have to move the bow below the forearm layer. Otherwise it’s going to look like it’s coming out of the back of the hand because the hand item itself is serving as the mask, and it ends at the wrist.

    I’ll have to check the hand that’s not masking anything. This is why I hate drawing the hands, the mask on them is a pain in the butt. If you draw any of the lines in the mask counter clockwise it doesn’t work at all. Insanely irritating.

  11. The Imp says:

    Gotcha. I’ll try it again tonight. I’m so looking forward to using that bow!

  12. Hammerknight says:

    Jeff when you use the all items for sizing and other stuff, then try to do a close up it will miss up the resize that you did with the all item.

  13. Jeff Hebert says:

    Thanks again V, that was helpful. I’ve updated the file again, and all of those “hole” problems should now be filled. I had to redraw the ropes, I couldn’t get them fixed as they were.

  14. Jeff Hebert says:

    @Skiriki: That old chakram has now been added, it’s the last item in the set.

  15. Skiriki says:

    Awesome! Thanks!