Character Contest 4: Angels and Demons

With thanks to DJ for the idea, our next character creation contest tips the hat to Ron Howard's new film "Angels and Demons". And to honor the author of the original novel, Dan Brown, if you write a story to go along with your image you must make it as full of turgid prose and idiotic plotting as possible.

Sorry, sometimes that English degree can't be restrained.

Your entry must in some way be related to angels or demons, but don't think that means only the big feathery winged dudes or giant red monsters with horns and bat-limbs. Be creative, and above all, make a cool looking character.

The rules are simple:

  1. Make a character related to the contest theme;
  2. Leave a link to the character in the comments to this post, on a site that doesn't require a login to view (although the UGO Forums are fine);
  3. Any version of HeroMachine is fine;
  4. No PhotoShopping.

That's pretty much it! The winner will get to choose either one item to be included in HeroMachine 3, or they can have a caricature of their face added to the program for all eternity.

Good luck everyone!

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