HM3: Looking for belt suggestions

I'm working on belts now, and have quite a bit of room left. I don't feel like I've gotten a solid Standard set after adding some new stuff and converting over the HM2.x gear, so if you have ideas for me, please let me know in the comments.

I am probably going to do Belt-Buckles and Belt-ClipOns as separate sets. There are sooooo many of each, I thought I should probably just stick to actual full (or mostly full) belt-type items in the Standard set, and really go to town on the other two.

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  1. A sectioned leather and ring belt would be cool. Also a baldric would be nice. Although I guess that’s a bit more of a shoulder item… Ummm, how about belts with various style frogs attached? Like, “frog” as in the device used to attach a scabbard to a belt. Also, a belt that’s actually got lots of pouches on it, so we don’t always have to apply pouches oursleves. Hmmm… a dual holstered belt would be nice. Various kinds would be nice, too. Cowboy style, tactical/military style… holsters w/guns in them and copies w/the holsters empty. Oh, and belts that fit onto the flying/walking legs would be nice, too. Of all the various belt types, preferably.

  2. I am trying to find some images on the net for belt ( with little luck so far ) but would like to see some fancy, highly tooled/sculpted belts for those Mage characters out there, with things like chains and medallions hanging off them

  3. Avatar Danny Beaty

    Belt-buckles that match all of the insignias.
    A bandelero.
    A criss-crossing over the chest harness belt.
    Dual shoulder holster belts.

  4. @Danny Beaty: I don’t much see the point of doing belt buckle duplicates of the insignia’s if you want one of them as your belt buckle just move said insignia down to the belt resize to your preference and there you have a new belt buckle.

  5. When I was a kid, my aunt had a belt which was made out of small coins; the belt itself was a row of coins, but at the same time there were strands of coins in rings hanging. (So I was born when hippies were still cool… now I feel old and retro.)

    Also, look back at the disco era for the belt-related excesses and try to imagine how to make them cool. This includes wide belts with rhinestones and other gem-studded fun. 😀

  6. my little brother wants a belt made from crystals and i would like a selecion of pouches for the belts.

  7. I think I’d prefer it if, when you do the empty holster section, it would be awesome to include [I guess in Items, but whatever] weapons in various positions that would allow them to fit in different holsters. That would also be a plus since you could then use other hand positions to grip them.

  8. Avatar Anarchangel

    I’d like a tool belt. You know with a hammer and stuff attached.

  9. jeff how about a waist mounted harness to attach the robo ock arms too with sockets on the sides

  10. Leather belts!

    And small leather strings under the plate armor.

    And leather shoulder armors (like in the Lordi version, did i mention that before ?)

    Jeff, there are some great eye items in the zombie head section, will they stay there, or do you plan to move them to other sections?

  11. Avatar Dan Gonzalez

    Lots of dangly bits. Holsters and pouches and knives, oh my!

  12. Here are a few makers of gun belts, holsters, etc. They make everything from Civil War reproductions to modern police/military gear.

  13. Good stuff Cavalier, thank you.

  14. conan the barbarian kind of belt
    also replicate the belts to collars when you get to neckwear
    goth spiky belt
    leaf-shaped buckle (like the elvish capes in lord of the rings)
    all kinds of shapes of buckles
    wrestling champion belt
    a whole lot of scabbards(think i’ve mentioned it before)
    a walky talky attachment
    a buckle that looks like a palm pilot or an iphone (for futuristic effect)
    barbarian belt made of skulls (also good as crown and neckwear)
    levis buckle (can you copy that without violating rights?)
    corsettes!!!! gotta have it when you get to the ladies.
    classic batman utility belt, obviously (the one in hm2 would fit fine)
    army belt with cantine – and that metal bottle of liquor they sometimes keep. a soldier’s gotta drink.
    an entirely ringmade belt – works with three of the ring buckles side by side.
    star-shaped, lightning-shaped and heart-shaped buckle.
    submachine ammunition belt.

  15. I would love to see belts like these ones:

    – Police belt:

    – Multi strap belt:

    – Trojan royal belt:

    – Magician’s belt:

    – Ninja belt:

    – Scarf belt:

    – Beer belt:

    – Cha cha belt:

    – Goth neck belt:

    – Fantasy belt:

    – Floating pearl belt:

    – Mechanics belt:

    – Spiked ring belt:

    – Spiderweb sash

    – Plated belt

    – Cartridge belt:

    – Shotgun bandolier:

    – Runic belt

    – Snake belt:

    – Tribal belt:

  16. A lot of shoulder belt would be nice. I need to strap some rocket packs on my character. Also, it might looks likea ridiculous addittion but I would like this:

  17. Avatar Anarchangel

    There’s actually some really nice ideas there. We need(!) to have the ninja belt, magician belt and mechanic belt 😀

  18. Avatar LoneWolf6155

    Some more variations on the pouches would be nice. Shoulder holsters and larger hip holsters would be nice along with magazine pouches and a radio pouch.

    This is off subject but it would be nice if we had more guns and some knee and elbow pads these guy’s are amazing

    when you are ready to start on guns you need to give this a look

  19. Maybe some WWII era ammo belts, and/or ammo pockets for the belts.

  20. how about a babarian belt like the one in this link

  21. @solander: i guess there’s no such thing as oversuggestion.

  22. Tool Belt, bandoliers for rifle, shotgun, pistol, cartridge belts, crisscrossed gun holsters, shoulder holsters of different types, also.. how about a belt for a weapon?

  23. Great suggestions and links, many thanks! I am working on these now.

  24. Try putting belts with tyhe logos /isignias on them

  25. I seem many requests for different pouches ,, and I will add my own to that, however I would like to see more Medieval/Fantasy style belt pouches

  26. Definitely more fantasy style pouches coming.

  27. Ditto to many of the above (DNR all of them…). Of interest:
    * M-60 bullet bandoleer: HM2 > Items > Belt > Standard > Ammo
    * Chain gun bandoleer (a la, style of defunct HM2 expansion1 chain gun)
    * Belt of chain links wrapped many times (like Lordi noose one, but chains).

    Lordi Belts:
    * Egyptian
    * Downturned teeth
    * 5-plate hieroglyph thing (awesome!!)
    * Hangman noose
    * Ripped pants top
    * Very wide studded belt (nice as pre-fab versus “make it yourself”?)
    * Line of studs
    * Line of spikes
    * “Army of Darkness” buckle-ish thing (plate belt of those would be great for the fashionable villain)

    Build-up items such as:
    * “Tactical advantage webbing”
    * Alice webbing

    Imagine if building these, they come in:
    * Thin
    * Medium
    * Thick

    Most everything else is built on top — especially if buckles, pockets, pouches, studding, spikes are available accessories. Cross-overs are straightforward “Flip Item” concoctions. Shoulder straps need be made special (one side only?).

    Bonus points: Sheen, material effect by use of color1 and color2. (Pattern/Texture tab only goes so far.)

  28. RJ McD Says:
    May 1st, 2009 at 7:17 am
    jeff how about a waist mounted harness to attach the robo ock arms too with sockets on the sides

    I second this!

  29. @RJ McD and @The Imp:

    Reference image would facilitate that….

  30. awwww shucks imp you always like my ideas that means alot

  31. Very cool buckles, thanks Berserker.

  32. @Violodion: It shouldn’t be _that_ complicated… I’m picturing something the size of a wrestler’s trophy belt, but with sockets (which would ideally be separate components) for the tentacles to fit into.

  33. @TheImp: Might be post-work catatonia, but not seeing it. Google Images failed, too. Meh, figure the more that is passed along to Jeff less onus on him, and better chance he can just do it.

    Thoughts on belt materials — cordura & leather:
    * Metal sheen? HM2 > Skin > Materials > banded (close?)

    Old West cartridge pistol belt —

    Thumb Break Injection Molded Holster (lol, it is common now) —

  34. Avatar LoneWolf6155

    Hey Jeff, did the problem with the Blades 1 and Blades 2 subsets get fixed?

  35. how about a buckle with lightning om it

  36. Gonna have to be more specific LoneWolf, what was the problem you’re talking about? As far as I remember they’re both working fine.