HM3: Calling all pants

I am currently drawing new Pants for HM3 (to be known as "Legwear"). Post any requests you have for pants-like items.

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  1. Avatar berserkergan

    hey try and incorporate some of the old leggings from the older ones

  2. Does pants include things like skirts? Or will that be a new category of its own?

    I’d love to see some Native American styles represented, plus various Asian-styled (hakama, for example) as well.

  3. It be cool to see full firefighting turnout gear

  4. hey im a big big HUGE fan of heromachine! i just tried hm3 and it is going to be really cool, so one idea is to have skirts, Skiriki named some native American and some Asian, but i will like to see some kind of chain mail in skirt form, it can be both opened and closed from the front long and short, or maybe we can use the scale to do it, anyway thx for the hm3 it sure looks that on the end it will be awesome.

  5. Jodhpurs
    ‘gang-member pants’ (you know, the ones worn around the knees) 😀

    And a semi-related suggestion: Since you’re going to have legs as a separate slot, what about elemental effects, like Red Tornado’s whirlwind lower half, or Cannonball’s ball-of-fire lower half?

  6. I’d like a variety of lower leg armor. Also I second Imp’s elemental effects idea.

  7. I Third Imps Idea.

  8. Imp and Lyogi are right. See to it, Jeff.

  9. For a lower half I propose this: a high-tech unicycle! It could have a trailbike tire, a futuristic looking engine, and various weapons. Cool, huh?

  10. Avatar brittishcoal

    ent legs would be awsome

  11. This request coming from a man who does not wear pants himself whilst working.

    …I’m sorry, was that too much information?

  12. That last suggestion sounds like Gizmo, the duck tales superhero. (he was also in Darkwing Duck) lol

    I suggest various sorts of cybernetic overlays, chitinus (sp?) armor, boot-cut pants (that can be layered over more normal style footwear and actually hide the uppers), and also bloused styles (as one might see if someone has their pants tucked into their boots, but the pants “balloon” out above the boot. Unlike normal superhero pants which are basically skin tight, tucked or no)

  13. Avatar brittishcoal

    oh some animal legs and mythical legs too

  14. Tactical clothing. Lots of pouches that seem filled with stuff, pixel-flauge pattern, and knee pads.

  15. a genie smoke bottom with a genie lamp at the bottom then smoke coming up to replace the legs up too the waist.

  16. As long as all the items from 2.5 are represented in the final version I’m happy

  17. – Basic Jeans (Normal and Baggy)
    – Modern/ fantasy Combat pants (Men and Women styles)
    – Basic skirts/dresses (Different styles and lengths ranging from thigh to floor)
    – Basic Bikinis, Panties & stockings
    – Like Skiriki, I would also like to see Hakamas. (And the whole Gi for that matter :D)
    – Modern/fantasy plateleg armor
    – Sheer/ fishnet leggings (Unless this could be done with patterns)

    There was also a pair of Gi-like pants in HM2.5 that had a dragon on the leg. I would like to see something like that in HM3.

    There are also a couple sashes in HM2.5 that drape down from waist. I can’t remember if there was another specific name for them, but I would like to see these again and some new ones too. Here are some pics of them to avoid confusion.

    I also like Reaper’s sash from Unreal Tournament 3 and if something like that could be included.

    I like Timespike’s idea of the tactical clothing. I like to make Gears of War/modern like soldiers and the pouches is a small detail the completes the attire.

    There was also some pretty sweet spiked armor in the Lordi HM that I would like to see in HM3.

  18. I’d like to see breeches, for those of us that like the calf high boot look but still want our heroes in pants. kind of a colonial era look.

  19. Adding on to what berserkeran said, my question would be whether or not you’re going to re-use/re-create a lot of the items from 2.5.

  20. Yes, I’ve literally got the HM2.5 Standard Pants file open and am going through item by item. They’re not all directly transferable, because (for instance) you can make anything have chain links with Patterns in HM3, obviating the need for a dedicated chain skirt. Instead it’ll just be a plain skirt, and you can Pattern it how you like.

    Similarly, the first set of armor in pants is just unforgivably ugly. So there will be at least one set of armor pants, but not that exact one.

    But in general, yes, I am using the old items as guides for the new ones, although not direct transfers in every case.

  21. Tim, those two loincloths have been added as one single item. If you want it bigger or smaller, scale it — that was the only real difference between the two. The belt is actually a separate item, which would be in Belts when I get to that.

  22. Tarzan – “Jane, I really want a bigger loincloth…”
    Jane – “Wanting and needing are two different things ape-boy”
    And so it went…

  23. When you get around to drawing items for female characters, howsabout something like an old-fashioned hoop skirt? I’m thinking this would be useful for creating Western or steampunk flavored characters.

  24. Pants, and just the clothes in general, very classy stuff like elegant dresses and fancy suits. If you can manage that then I will not be satisfied if you don’t also include tactical stuff as well, although I’d prefer them without camo or pixel-flauge.

  25. A mecha sets with :
    – Wheelchair
    – Hoverchair
    – Tank base
    – Motorcycle base (to make a motocentaur)
    – Robot legs

    In the loincloth you caan add a triangular loincloth.

  26. a wooden leg would be really good, and for the hands department a hook

  27. Avatar The Leviathan

    I too vote for various cybernetic skins–smooth/chromed, heavy pistons/industrial, bio-organic, etc. What I really would like is the option to make them assymetric, so that I could have one normal limb and one cybernetic. If that can’t already be accomplished using layer effects, then I’d like to be able to make it happen using different “clothing” items.

  28. I’m not sure it this enter the pants or the body category, but I would like legs in a sitting position, with a weelchair to booth, so I can do Professor X-like characters.

  29. Avatar The Icedaemon

    Several different types of realistic plate armour leggings would be nice. 2.5 only had one or two. One would also hope that at least one of each type of legwear can fit on the ‘posed’ feet too, including the above proposed sitting version(s).

  30. i second nail moir’s idea of hoop skirt, though I was going to ask for a Mexican circle skirt, possibly flailing around like the woman was dancing.

  31. hey jeff i agree we need more cyborg parts a half organic half tech leggings would be great as well as a half tech cheast plate if possible

  32. what about gothic skirts and dresses? ^_^ You know, vampire-like and so…

    I second the wheelchair idea…and also, I second Worf: All the items from 2.5 represented in the final version!


  33. This is more of a general request as opposed to one specifically tied to pants, but steampunk stuff. Lots of steam valves, clockwork gears, overlapping lenses, and other such stuff.

  34. Han Solo type pants with a stripe down the side, buckskin trousers

  35. almost forgot – bell bottoms

  36. Hey, idea! Could a winner of caption drawing contest (when HM3.0 is finished) request an item added, rather than have a personal picture drawn? 😀

  37. Great idea, Skiriki!

  38. Nessie and Worf are right: everything in HM2.5 should be in HM3.

  39. I can’t promise every single item is going to make the transfer, but that’s the general goal. Sometimes an exact copy isn’t possible. For instance, I had to redraw the samurai armor bottom completely as I couldn’t tell what was going on with it. So I now have it in two pieces, the armor part and the puffy pants that go underneath it.

    In other cases items are consolidated. For instance, there’s no need to have a set of camo pants and a set of the same pants without the camo, because camo is now a pattern. You can apply it to the basic set of pants yourself.

    So no, it’s not going to be an exact analog, one-to-one item swap, but in general, yes, the goal is to have the 2.x set of items available to you at a minimum.

    Note that I have to redraw everything because a) the old art sucks, b) the pose is different so I need to draw it face-on instead of in three-quarters view, and c) the code behind it all is different.

  40. Suggestion: a tutu!

  41. Make green goblin and hobgoblin stuff! please

  42. i was gonna suggest that too danny. Weird

  43. @Ballin’ Boy: Hey, great minds think alike.

  44. Don’t know if it’s already been mentioned, but A set of flaming legs, like you would expect of human torch when in flames. A complete suit of those item overlays would be nice, actually. Especially if they are broken into the various components (hands, arms, head, hair, torso, legs, feet), but without seams on the individual pieces. That way it CAN look like it’s all one piece. I’m talking full-on flames-leaping-away-from-the-bodypart kind of items, too. HM 2.x had a flame aura, but it didn’t communicate the actual flame effect very well.

  45. I actually rather liked the first set of armor pants. I thought they had a really nice chunky, futureistic sort of look to them. At least that’s what I always used them for.

  46. Can you make an army uniform? That would look cool 😀