Random Panel: "A little too-life-like" Sandy Doll


(An ad from "Strange Tales" No. 1, 1951.)

12 Responses to Random Panel: "A little too-life-like" Sandy Doll

  1. <__>


    That is wrong.

  2. Ew. Ew ew ew ew.

    Brain Bleach ™ please!

  3. I know, isn’t that pose CREEPY?! Along with the hair and the lipstick and the bedroom eyes. EE is right!

  4. …..is that a baby hooker?

  5. It’s the Jon Benet Ramsay signature model. Yuck.

  6. “And when you are sleeping I will kill you and take all your money!”

  7. Pull the string and it says: “Just leave the money on the nightstand.”

  8. Yes, Sandy, drink–make the pain go away, there’s a good girl, your next john is on his way up….

  9. …Jeff, you have scarred me for life… Sandy shall haunt my dreams until the end of time, along with her friend, the smoking cowboy…
    *eye twitches* I’m going to go see my therapist now.

  10. eep.

    Man, i’m not scared of much, but thaty scares me on another level altogether.

  11. That is seriously disturbing.

    Why do I suspect there is a Japanese word to describe it?

  12. @Cavalier:
    Would that word happen to be “Lolicon”, short for “Lolita Complex”?

    How very strange a toy. Absolutely creepy.