Note to self: The Legion is not clothing-optional

When you're designing your super-hero costume, you should make a particular effort not to forget a few fundamentally important bits. Like pants:


Apparently Gim Allon (aka "Colossal Boy" from "The Legion of Super-Heroes") never heard that particular adage. Now, granted, sometimes it's all right to leave your house just in spandex Underoos, but not -- and this is a key exception here kids, so pay attention -- if you're also wearing a bondage harness on your upper body. Along with a Onesie that has built-in shoulder pads. I keep expecting Shadow Lass to hook a chain to his collar and lead him off to the Danger Room for a little "Battle Simulation", if you know what I mean. And judging by the humiliated look on his face, I think Gim most definitely does.