Random Panel: Important recession-era job skills


(From "Boy Comics" No. 3, 1942.)

7 Responses to Random Panel: Important recession-era job skills

  1. Am I seeing things or that guy has a metal jaw?

  2. You’re right, he’s “Iron Jaw”, a Nazi secret agent in the US. I am not sure how he can remain secret with an iron jaw, but there it is.

  3. “I shall ask again, vhere iz police inspector, Richard Tracy? Should you continue in defiance, I vill be forced to respond mit brutalities. Are ve clear?”

    “Oh Mr. Iron Jaw, sir, to once more be roughhoused by your pummeling, to feel my face swell in agony…oh that it would end in exquisite collapse, may I have another?”

    [To fellow Nazi stooge] “Next time you choose someone for me to interrogate, please be sure his name isn’t ‘S&M McChaw’!”

  4. In the 70’s, a short-lived comic book company called “Atlas” had a barbarian character called “Iron Jaw”.

  5. Skelator: “It says that you were a Nazi secret agent in the U.S. How did that work out for you?”

    Trap-Jaw: “‘So kay. I lost my arm, but they gave me this handy gadget that allows me to attach various weapons to my shoulder.”

  6. Woops. I just thought of the rest of Trap-Jaw’s dialog.

    “They said it was supposed to give me the power, but it just itches a lot.”

  7. One of these days, he’s going to slip and say “Yes, Mistress”, instead of “sir”, and then he’s really gonna get it.