Random Panel: Sometimes the Void does more than just gaze back


(From “Judge Dredd”, No. 3, ©1984, Eagle Comics.)

12 Responses to Random Panel: Sometimes the Void does more than just gaze back

  1. Ah, good ol’ Judge Dredd…winner of the “Master of Subtlety” award from 1985 to 2004.

  2. Kinda hard to do that without eyes…

  3. I would like to let Jeff know that this would be a GREAT caption contest!

  4. Good idea Cory! Do you think it would hurt things having the actual words from the panel already out there?

  5. Cory- Fun Fact. The character being punched has been featured in a previous caption contest.

  6. Jeff,
    I dont THINK so, I think that those who SEE the words would be just as succeptible to making BAD captions as much as those who DONT see the words.

  7. There was already a caption contest done when people saw the actual words before. It was the one with the guy shaking his fist. Contest #34 I believe.

    So anyway, I don’t think it would hurt anyone’s imagination at all.

  8. run it as a caption contest in 4 weeks.

  9. That’s what the baddie gets for leaving the visor open…

  10. I call foul! Unless the villain is Paper Mache Man that just makes no sense. Still, I wonder what I would have thought of that when it came out. Probably would have just thought it was cool.

  11. Avatar HalLoweEn JacK

    If you run this as a caption contest, be prepared for lots of thinnly veiled ‘fisting’ comments.

  12. Avatar HalLoweEn JacK

    That being said – I’m giggling at the thought of caption ideas. Giggling! honestly.

    I really shouldn’t visit this website while working – my English class is looking at me funny.