Comic book idea

I had an idea the other day for a comic book while watching "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly." You never get any kind of backstory for the victims in any of these stories, whether it's sombrero-wearing banditos in spaghetti Westerns or red-shirted security guys in Star Trek. They're just cannon fodder. But they've got friends, loved ones, and stories of their own. Someone somewhere is probably going to cry just as hard for them as we will when our hero gets it.

So I thought it might be interesting to have a comics series where every issue features a different story of someone who gets killed on the last page. Sometimes it may be a gladiator losing in the pits of Rome, sometimes it might be a Hydra henchman getting blasted by Iron Fist, sometimes it might be one of Brainiac's cyborg assistants getting evacuated into space by Superman because hey, it's just robots.

Clearly the meds are working today, because the ideas just keep flying!

4 Responses to Comic book idea

  1. TheNate says:

    I can’t see it working. You’ll know how each story will end, and if you create a genuinely interesting character he’s got no hope fur a future storyline, which hurts your long-term fan-base. Add the difficulty of shoe-horning world-building with the variation you described in the second-to-last paragraph and … no, it just won’t work.

    That being said, Grant Morrison did one issue of the Invisibles from the point-of-view of a henchmen who got blown away by King Mob (the big hero of the series) a couple of years ago. It developed this anonymous goon’s back story and life, even though his sole contribution to the bigger plot was moaning “My eyes! My eyes!” after King Mob shot him in the head.

    So as a one-shot, it’s a neat idea, but a string of self-contained tragedies won’t make a series.

  2. Skiriki says:

    Actually, I think I’ve seen this done in a couple of Marvel comics (IIRC one of them was Wolverine-something).

    The other place where I’ve seen something like this done was Astro City.

  3. Brambles says:

    I know Star Wars Tales has done something similar to this with their backstories of “what happened before” big scenes like Greedo’s death and such.
    I think it could work. I like one shots.

  4. Anonamus says:

    I recon they should make a comic book about cheese.
    -its never been done before!


    it could be about how an evil doctor or genius creates cheese for breakfast and finds out that it has a brain of its own and drinks some goo and supersizes and tries to eat everyone and all the superhero’s (e.g. fantastic 4, superman, spiderman,batman, iron man, daredevil,nick fury, the magician guy,and the rest of marvels superhero’s!!!