The sound of yellow

My first guess upon hearing "tinkle" in a bar where two men are about to try and kill each other would be that I'm experiencing the sound of someone about to need a new pair of chaps, but I'd be wrong:


I don't care how much fine china he hurls, there's nothing scary about a man with feet that small, stuffed into high-heeled cowboy boots, mounted by highwater, rolled-cuff blue jeans. Combine that with a "threat" to "throw lead" with, one assumes, the same limp-wristed lack of athleticism as the glass in question, and I think involuntary bladder-loosening is the last thing we have to worry about. Laughter, yes. Wetting pants with a "tinkle" sound, no.

4 Responses to The sound of yellow

  1. It looks like the cowboy in white that is the background is peeing…long distance peeing. (THE NEXT GREAT OLYMPIC SPORT!)

  2. Is that Walrus Man in the background? Because it looks like Walrus Man.

  3. You’ve never heard of a “pee” shooter?

  4. What else do you expect from a guy named after a kind of underwear?