The First Comic Book Improv

As we discussed a couple of weeks ago, I'm going to try something that is, as far as I know, unprecedented in the comic book world: Comic Book Improv. This is very experimental and "out there", and as a result the PSF* is very high. Per the new mantra, however, we have Permission to Suck! If you're daring enough to take part in what very well could be an unmitigated disaster the coolest thing ever to appear on the Internet, join me after the jump.

First, this probably isn't how the overall "Crowd Sourced Comic" will be, but until I figure out more of the detail on that and get some legal things figured out, I thought this would be a fun thing to try.

Second, having said that, here's how this particular experiment will work. All you have to do is to vote on the various options below. After one week, I'll take the highest vote-getting answer from each category and create a short comic book adventure (probably four pages) with it. With that, we're off! Think of this as actors in a comedy troupe taking shouted suggestions from the audience for an improv routine.


Choose one of the following six characters to appear as the main protagonist of the adventure (click each for a larger version). There are no female choices because this is difficult enough already and I suck at drawing women:






Random Element


*PSF: Potential Suckage Factor. Return to top.

14 Responses to The First Comic Book Improv

  1. Where do we send our super-heroes?

  2. Avatar Christopher Vogel

    looks interesting …good luck

  3. This is going to be so KEWL, uhmm, i mean COOL.

    Anyway, i’ll be around, waiting for the time to submit our own characters [legalities pending].

    Say, can you add in a notes box, so we can things like “the Hero doesn’t yet know he has powers” or “What if his [Dutch} clogs of speed fall off while he’s running” sort of thing. BTW, that last one is a possibility in the supers RPG i’m GMing.

  4. Avatar William A. Peterson

    I chose “Atomic Bazooka”, arriving in rural America after a fraternity initiation gone wrong, and involving Ninja Cheerleaders!
    Needles to say, the *tough* part, here, will be keeping a straight face… :->

  5. I like the ninja cheerleaders

  6. I chose Stonewall, in the Alps, A villain has set a trap, and the villain has a minion that multiplies.

  7. Avatar Denise Adams

    Great concept!

  8. stonewall is not in the alps

  9. I like the alps king,N.C.J tribe warrior mode.

  10. i like the c.nature jains.g & m

  11. the villain i would like to fight is himsman.

  12. hello! talk
    did you see?

  13. who made stonewall?